The Walking Dead: Survivors, the review: the mobile strategy is finally here

The story of The Walking Dead is now quite well known: created by R, the comic series has been published since 2003 and its success gave birth to the homonymous series a few years later television series produced by AMC, which soon became a cult show albeit with ups and downs.

All this popularity, also and above all linked to the theme of zombie, has led the franchise to invade the world of video games on multiple occasions, in particular with the adventure developed by Telltale Games in 2012. Now the brand is back on mobile, and it does so with a rather anticipated strategy: here it is review of The Walking Dead: Survivors.


The Walking Dead: Survivors, the review: the mobile strategy is finally here
The Walking Dead: Survivors, a detail of the management phase.

The first minutes of The Walking Dead: Survivors give a bit the idea of ​​a production that immediately plays all its cards in an attempt to positively affect users, with high-impact sequences and many animations, only to fall back on one structure than on devices iOS e Android we have seen many times, that of casual management to Farmville.

The title seems to initially focus on strategic-style mechanics tower defense, with a first clash in which you have to build defense towers and place characters in it to shoot the zombies after they have overcome the external barriers of the settlement that is the background of the entire campaign, using the energy that recharges gradually to throw others into action survivors or use special weapons such as oil and explosives.

The Walking Dead: Survivors, the review: the mobile strategy is finally here
The Walking Dead: Survivors, a look at the settlement.

In reality, however, these phases represent a secondary portion of the experience, accessible from the main menu in the form of missions which, however, are very limited in terms of development and progression, so much so that the same formula is repeated over and over again until you run into obstacles. of a setting freemium that after a few hours clearly aims to monetize with microtransactions.

After a couple of hours of very fast progress, quickly unlocking new ones characters and proceeding through the chapters of the campaign on the basis of the traditional list of achievements, we therefore find ourselves having to wait several minutes for the completion of a building or its upgrading, fundamental elements to be able to build something else or to make our troops more effective in automatic battles that take place outside the walls.


The Walking Dead: Survivors, the review: the mobile strategy is finally here
The Walking Dead: Survivors, a detail of the strategic phases in a tower defense style.

In short, The Walking Dead: Survivors just pretends to be a real strategic, proposing instead for most of the time a gameplay management system that has already been seen and inflated, moreover devoid of any novelties that could in any way refresh the formula. We move from one collection of resources to another, from one construction site to another, from one training to another, trying to grow the settlement.

Everything already seen, we said. The only difference compared to other similar productions lies in the fact of being able to have a greater number of units dedicated to construction or collection, in practice all the survivors unlocked up to that moment, instead of a single poor man who immediately forces us to endure long waited or to spend the hard currency to speed up the work.

Technical realization

Also on the level of technical realization the experience of The Walking Dead: Survivors turns out to be a bit of a "hit and run", which puts in its best things in the very first sequences only to return to the comfort zone of an isometric three-quarter view and get by. There is literally more care and effort in the opening minutes of the campaign than in the hours after, which is a shame.

Although perfectly competent in the field of the genre of belonging, with ainterface fairly clear and well organized (albeit limited to a portrait-style view, only sensible on smartphones), as well as an effective visual representation of the settlement and walker, the title produced by Elex does not stand out in any way.


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The Walking Dead: Survivors is the classic casual management software, but masked by something else. The early stages of the campaign suggest a greater weight given to strategic tower defense-style mechanics, but the latter end up occupying only a limited part of the experience and practically never take off. The central gameplay is streamlined by the possibility of using all the survivors for the collection of resources and the various constructions, but the limitations of the freemium model are felt already after the first hours.


  • Many characters from the television series
  • Fast management mechanics in the early hours
  • Pleasant tower defense phases ...
  • ... but repetitive and limited
  • It's the usual Farmville title
  • The freemium model makes itself felt early
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