Trophy Guide / "Champion of the Wilds" achievement

Middle-earth Hunting Challenge Guide Shadow of Mordor [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see how to complete some of the challenges of Shadow of Mordor: the hunting challenges

Trophy Guide / "Champion of the Wilds" achievement

Middle-earth the Shadow of Mordor contains different types of challenges, among them are the Hunting challenges which are 10 in total and require you to search for and kill particular types of creatures.

All the challenges can be completed in free mode (you can therefore do everything even after completing the game), indeed, some of them you will not be able to complete them until you have reached a certain degree of completion of the story, because they concern creatures that appear only from a certain point on.

Below is a video showing it where and how to find all creatures to complete the hunting challenges, but be careful, why some creatures are very rare and do not immediately appear in the place indicated in the video. If it happens to you that you don't find them too, the best solution is to use the fast travel function to move to the nearest tower, and then return to the place and continue searching (for the Horned Graug, which is the rarest, they could be used even up to 20 attempts, so don't give up).

Here is the video, consult the cheats and guides tab of Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor for other useful guides on this game

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