Trophy Guide / "Ithilien Ranger" achievement

Gudia challenges Survival Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see how to complete some of the challenges of Shadow of Mordor: the Survival challenges.

Trophy Guide / "Ithilien Ranger" achievement

Middle-earth the Shadow of Mordor contains different types of challenges, among them are the Survival challenges which are 10 in total and require you to find and collect particular types of herbs and plants.

All the challenges can be completed in free mode (you can therefore do everything even after completing the game), indeed, some of them you will not be able to complete them until you have reached a certain degree of completion of the story, because they concern plants that appear. only from a certain point on.

Below you will find the list with all the challenges to be completed, indicating how many and which plants need to be collected to complete them. A notification will appear on the screen every time you are near a plant that you need to harvest. Each plant is represented by a different symbol, and after you activate the towers on the map you will be able to see all the herbs in the area. Here is the list:


  • Collect 2 Niphrodil (White Flower)
  • Collect 3 Pipeweed (Green Flower) and 1 Lothrond (Gold Mushroom)
  • Collect 2 Remmenthond (Red Root) and 2 Azuradan (Blue Root)
  • Collect 2 Niphrodil (White Flower), 2 Lothrond (Gold Mushroom), and 1 Azuradan (Blue Root)
  • Collect 4 Blue Milk (Blue Mushroom) and 2 Mallos (Gold Root).
  • Collect 3 Elgaran (Red Flower) and 3 Earthbread (Green Root).
  • Collect 2 Gwinuial (White Root) and 4 Alfirin (Gold Flower).
  • Collect 2 Naugrimbas (White Mushroom), 3 Carandol (Red Mushroom), and 2 Orchamarth (Green Mushroom).
  • Collect 7 Athelas (Blue Flower).
  • Collect 3 Blue Milk (Blue Mushroom), 2 Elgaran (Red Flower), and 2 Gwinuial (White Root)


If you find it difficult to find other pieces of a plant that you have already collected, advise him to speed up the time to the tower by traveling fast, this should make new plants of the same type reappear.

Don't forget to consult the cheats and guides tab of Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor for other useful guides on this game.

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