Trophy Guide / "Reporter" Objective

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Spiderman goes around taking some pictures.

Trophy Guide / "Reporter" Objective

Le photographic challenges that must be completed to unlock this achievement there are 30 in total. These challenges appear as you progress through the story, but remember that the latest ones will not be available until the game is completed. For this reason, I recommend that you finish the campaign first and then take your time and pursue these missions. Aim with the camera and zoom in until the reticle turns green, then take the picture.

There are 3 types of photographic challenges, each type corresponds to a trophy / objective and each type requires you to frame a different subject as described below:

Killer Hunter - You have photographed all the symbols of Cletus Kasady
In these scenes Kletus Kassady wrote his initials on a nearby bloody wall. Take a picture of the initials to complete these 10 challenges.

Investigator - You recovered all parts of the detective's dario
In these scenes you will find cops at a crime scene. Take a picture of the computer screen or otherwise of the scene to complete these challenges.

Special agent - You have recovered all parts of Menken's Darius
In these scenes you will find a couple of shady guys dressed in black (who do a lot of Man in Black). Take a picture of the two guys to complete these challenges.

When you have done all 3 you will also unlock the Reporter achievement. Below you will find a video showing how to complete all the challenges just mentioned. Good luck

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