Trophy Guide / Objective "Work in the villages of Men"

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Let's start looking for Lego The Hobbit collectibles: we find all the Projects.

Trophy Guide / Objective "Work in the villages of Men"

The blueprints to be found to unlock this achievement are 32 in total and you can use them to create new items from the blacksmith in Bree. Specifically, 16 are found in the campaign levels (1 per level) and another 16 are in Middle-earth, in free play mode.

In the following video you can see where all the projects are located, note that the name of the project and the level / area in which it is located is indicated in the upper right corner of the video.

To achieve certain projects, you will need the particular skills of certain characters. For this reason, I recommend that you first unlock as many characters as possible and complete the game once, then dedicate yourself to finding projects not yet found in free mode.

In addition to the video, here is also the list of all the schemes with indicated the place where it is located:

  • Mithril Mirror Armour - Found in "Greatest Kingdom" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Tornado Axe - Found in "Unexpected Party" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Warhammer - Found in "Azog the Defiler" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Fishing Pole - Found in "Roast Mutton" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Skeleton Crank - Located in "The Troll Hard" (livello Campagna).
  • Mithril Flail - Found in "Over Hill And Under Hill" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Claws - Found in "Goblin Town" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Music Kit - Found in "Out of The Frying Pan" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Multi-bow - Found in "Queer Lodgings" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Bomb Blade - Found in "Flies And Spiders" (Campaign level)
  • Mithril Pickaxe - Found in "Barrels Out of Bond" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Booty Blade - Found in "Warm Welcome" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Giddy-up Staff - Found in "Looking For Proof" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Wraith Armour - Found in "The Necromancer" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Hammerhands - Found in "On The Doorstep" (Campaign level).
  • Mithril Firework Bow - "Found in" Inside Information "(Campaign level).
  • Mithril Stud Spade - It is located in Hobbiton
  • Mithril Megapult - It is located northeast of Bree.
  • Mithril Mushroom Crown - It's north of Bree.
  • Mithril Shadow Blade - Found in Weatherdrop.
  • Mithril Skull Cap - It is located in Trollshaws.
  • Mithril Rhythm Stick - It is located in Rivendell.
  • Mithril Cathphrase Mallet - It is located in High Pass.
  • Mithril Horse Shoes - It is located in Rivendell.
  • Mithril Construction Hat - It is located east of Boern's Homestead.
  • Mithril Candle Staff - It is located in Dol Guldur.
  • Mithril Bandit Gloves - It is located in Lake-town.
  • Mithril Snowapult - It's in Dale.
  • Mithril Beanstalk - It is located in Pass of Caradhras.
  • Mithril Slippers - It is located in Elven Forest.
  • Mithril Dance Boots - It is located in Rivendell.
  • Mithril Falcon - Located Northswest of Dale.

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