Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a full-scale failure

Imagine an immense battlefield on which two armies are about to face each other: on one side thousands of Santa Clauses, on the other skeletons armed with swords and shields. The face to face is epic. Nobody seems to fear the confrontation. The units advance proud and orderly and end up collimating loudly. It's chaos: dozens of fathers fall to the ground, as many skeletons fall to the ground and ... that's it, because they can't do anything else. At the end of the fight, the skeletons won. What used to be a lush blanket of green grass is now a suffocating agglomeration of synthetic red jackets worn on the corpses of fat soldiers. Evil has won and next Christmas the children will only receive a sword as a gift.

War between packs

We imagine that many of you have asked yourself a few questions reading the previous paragraph. For example, since we are talking about a video game, some will have wondered what our role was on the battlefield. Which army did we lead? Have we directed the troops? What tactical decisions were we able to make? Others will have started from further away and will have looked for holds to understand the narrative assumptions, that is, the reason why some Santa Clauses had to fight against skeletons. Still others will have been intrigued by the lack of details inherent in the battlefield itself. In short, your starting point will certainly have been considering Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator a kind of strategic, perhaps very simplified. Unfortunately you have fallen into a terrible misunderstanding and the answers to your questions are all terribly negative. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is almost a joke born as a phenomenon thanks to some youtubers who, after finding it on Steam, made videos for us, giving it a certain popularity for a few days. In fact, to make us a video the title of Brilliant Game Studios is fine: you choose the troops, you set the quantity, you place them in the right position on the battlefield and you are watching how they behave, directing their movements through the terrifying interface. Each unit, whether melee or long-range, has its own values ​​that determine the outcome of the battles.

The game editor allows you to customize them in various ways and ... that's it; apart from the ability to move the camera to frame the action as you want, even taking the point of view of one of the units to fight directly. But don't expect anything engaging: the animations are bad and fighting only means pressing a button repeatedly hoping to last as long as possible. THEDirect control is such a poorly done feature that after a while you pretend it doesn't exist: the blows of the soldiers have no weight and often do not even collide with the bodies of the enemies. It takes five minutes to realize that direct control has been added more as a sop than as a feature aimed at differentiating the gameplay a minimum. Even taking a unit as powerful as Chuck Norris (yes, he is there too, albeit with the slightly mangled name) can not lift the situation.

Big army ...

In short, the impressions we had playing with it a few months ago have turned into certainties, also because since then Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator has changed very little: it has gained unity, it has become more stable, it has been slightly tweaked and ... that's it. The rest remained the same: from the silly mechanics, to the unnatural behavior of the units. In fact, seeing an alleged battle simulator produce such mechanical, flat and anticlimatic clashes was the biggest disappointment, also because theoretically only this should do. Instead the developers focused on adding stuff while completely forgetting about the simulation. Sure, watching large armies can be entertaining, especially if you can manage a decent battle, but it only holds up for a few minutes. Once the pleasure of making exotic troops clash on unlikely scenarios, the interest quickly diminishes.

If the picture doesn't seem disastrous enough to you, let's add another note: to make the most of the "game" you need to have a very powerful computer. In fact, Brilliant Game Studios takes great pride in how they managed to take advantage of the Unity engine to manage battles between so many units. Too bad that most PCs can only handle a few thousand on the screen at the same time. In general just go beyond two tens of thousands and Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator turns into a slideshow on most systems. Yet the troops are ugly to look at, far more so than those found in the various Total Wars, due to the lack of detail and clunky animations. Battlefields also seem to have been made in a hurry using low-quality resources. What will you ever have to brag about ...

PC System Requirements

Test Setup

  • Intel Core i7-4770 processor
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 video card
  • Windows 10 operating system

Minimum requirements

  • Windows Vista or later operating system
  • Intel Core i5 4590, AMD FX 8320 or better processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Scheda video (DirectX 11) AMD Radeon HD 5770 1024MB | NVIDIA GTS 450 1024MB | Intel HD4000 @720P
  • 5 GB of hard disk space
  • DirectX 11


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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a battlefield with over twenty thousand hens. Thinking about it they make you sympathetic. When they start to move you are amazed. When they fight with dinosaurs, they giggle a little at the absurdity of the situation. Then time passes and you realize that you are no longer having fun: the joke is over. Repeating it is useless because the effect has inexorably passed. Maybe you can try another couple of absurd units and it even works again, but finally you are forced to agree with yourself that the vertigo given by the multitude of units visible on the screen no longer has an effect and beyond there is nothing for which it is worthwhile to continue to suffer.


  • If you do Let's Play it can come in handy for some videos
  • Many different units
  • Half an hour entertains
  • It doesn't have much to offer
  • Technically lacking from every point of view
  • Controlling the units directly is terrifying

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