V2. Escape From Hell will be the first film made in vertical format

Timur Bekmambetov, famous Russian director best known for being the director of some films such as Wanted - Choose your destiny, Ben-Hur e The legend of the vampire hunter, now has in mind to make a new film entitled V2. Escape From Hell somewhat particular. He has already made himself famous for another rather unusual work, namely Hardcore !, film shot entirely with first person view directed by Ilya Naishuller of which Timur, however, was the producer.

It seems that this new film will instead follow the trend of other previous works such as Unfriended e Searching, of which he was always the producer, and which unites both the shooting modality of the entire film. These two films, plus the new one that will have to start, are all told from the perspective of smartphones, tablets and PCs. The plot of V2. Escape From Hell will deal with the true and true story of a Soviet pilot fleeing a German concentration camp. The release of the film is scheduled for the first months of 2021 and will be made in two versions: the first for the Russian market and the second for the rest of the world which will also be able to count on some unpublished scenes compared to the counterpart such as the incipit of the plot that will show the bombing of London.

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