Valheim - Guide to how to cook meat

Valheim - Guide to how to cook meat

In Valheim, the highly played title developed by Iron Gate AB and set in imaginary Scandinavian mythology, you will be a hunter, a warrior and a tireless worker, and like all living beings at some point in your busy day, you will inevitably feel hunger. What could be better in these cases than biting into a succulent piece of well-cooked meat? Very simple, just open the inventory but ... alas, the meat is raw. Do not worry though, because among your many aptitudes you will discover that you are also cooks, only you will lack the means to to cook. Fortunately, in this guide we will explain how easy it will be to eat a hot dish.

The following text may contain narrative and playful spoilers on Valheim, the latest work by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Studios. We therefore advise you to continue carefully in order to avoid any major and minor spoilers, which could undermine your play experience.

Where to cook meat

The first thing to do will be to create a hammer at the workbench, using three pieces of wood and two of stone. You will need the hammer to create different workstations that will be needed to cook the food. After creating it, assign the hammer to a shortcut key and press it to open the hammer creation menu. Select the option Campfire, for which you will need five stones and two pieces of wood, and place it on one side with plenty of space around it. Once positioned, return to the hammer creation menu and select the cooking station. You will now need two more pieces of wood to make it and it can be placed directly over the fire.

The Valheim masterchef

Once the cooking station is built, and positioned over the fire, move the cursor over the cooking station to view the options. One will be for cooking products, while the other will allow you to cook a specific item within the inventory. It would be advisable to select the first option, as it will automatically start roasting any type of meat in the inventory. When the meat is cooked to perfection, wait a bit until you hear a crackling noise, this means that thehe meat is ready to eat. Collect the pieces of meat that fall on the fire and you will have your meal nice and ready.

Eating cooked meat is good for you

Cooked meat significantly increases i healing benefits, in fact it heals 6,7 points of health per second for 7 seconds, while raw meat heals only 2,9 points per second for 7 seconds. This means that you will get more than double the healing with just one piece of cooked meat instead of using two of the raw one.

This was all you needed to know to learn how to cook in Valheim, we also remind you that we have an entire section dedicated to guides always updated with all the titles of the moment.

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