What does "... and everything else" mean?

Saints Row IV (4): guide to love stories ... and everything else [360-PS3-PC]


Let's start with the first of what we assure you will be an authentic train of guides dedicated to the incredible Saints Row 4.

If you have ever scrolled through the list of Saints Row IV you have surely noticed that there are several achievements that ask to "Do the best" for different key characters of the main story, such as

His Holiness's Secret Service - Do your best for Asha: Assignments, Loyalty Missions ... and everything in between.

In this guide we focus in particular on that "... and everything else", while I refer you to the Saints Row 4 cheats and guides tab for more information on loyalty assignments and missions.

What does "... and everything else" mean?

You know the Mass Effect love story system? Well, this new chapter of Saints Row also makes the verse to that by recreating a very similar situation: after freeing the characters from the simulation they will appear in the ship. From that moment on you can talk to them and "groped" the love story.

At the beginning it will be useless to try because he will always answer you spades. To have a "Yes", in fact, it is essential to complete the side quests and Loyalty missions (follow the guide / solution missions loyalty of friends). Only after completing all these missions of a character, interacting with him / her can you choose the love story option and go to GOAL without being rejected.

Remember that you can end the romance sequence with any character, regardless of your gender.

Below you will find the list of characters with whom it is possible to have the story, while at the end of the article you can see a video showing all the "amorous" scenes with the different protagonists.

  • Kinzie Kensington
  • Matt miller
  • Pierce Washington
  • Shaundi
  • CID (side quests only, no Loyalty missions)
  • Asha Odekar
  • Benjamin King
  • Johnny Gat

Attention!!! For some, the video may contain SPOILERS. It depends on your susceptibility ...

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