Will Days Gone 2 ever see the light on PlayStation 5? Jason Schreier speaks

According to a report by Jason Schreier di Bloomberg, Days Gone 2 remake may never arrive. The title developed by Bend Studio zombie-themed, therefore may never see a remake. According to the famous journalist, in fact, the Sony policy in the next few years he will favor the titles of his biggest studios, focusing above all on sequels of already famous sagas, or on remakes, which almost always guarantee commercial success:

Also: according to Schreier's Bloomberg piece, Days Gone - despite being profitable - will not receive a sequel, possibly due to production issues and the critical reception pic.twitter.com/xbE1qepqJ2

- Nibel (@Nibellion) April 9, 2021

This fixation on teams churning out hits is creating turmoil within Sony's gaming studios. Oregon-based Bend Studio, best known for 2019's open-world action game Days Gone, tried unsuccessfully to launch a sequel that year, according to some people close to the company. Although the first game had been profitable, its development had been long and the reception of criticism quite controversial, so Days Gone 2 was not considered a viable option.

However, according to Schreirer, invest only in the most successful stocks it may not be a strategy that would pay off in the long run:

Emphasizing big hits can also be counterproductive because games that start small can sometimes turn into huge hits. In 2020, Sony didn't put a lot of energy into marketing behind PlayStation-owned Media Molecule's Dreams, despite being a particular type of game that attracted a huge number of gamers. As a result, PlayStation may have lost its version of Roblox, a very similar video game. Parent company Roblox Corp. went public earlier this year and is now valued at $ 45 billion.

It therefore seems that Sony will focus more on very large productions, but which will ensure, according to analysts, the highest revenues. we do not know therefore, if in addition to Days Gone 2, other possible sequels will never see the light on PlayStation 5. So we just have to wait for the next few years to find out how things will evolve.

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