Will Grand Theft Auto Online use an updated version of the RAGE Engine?

In the latest update of Grand Theft Auto Online lines of code were found that apparently hinted at the fact that GTA Online on PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X will use a version of the Updated RAGE Engine. We are therefore talking about the version of the graphics engine used last time in Red Dead Redemption 2. This information comes from GTAForum (through GTABase), in particular by the user Tez2, known in the community for having found very reliable information in the game files in the past. In the line of code, found only in the updated version of the engine used in the latest Rockstar game, it reads the following “rage :: fwuiMessageBase”.

However, Tez2 specifies that although the interface linked to the game codes of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be used with this update, the actual gameplay should remain unchanged, and therefore identical to the old generation versions. The graphics engine, however, should actually undergo a "refresh", and would be updated to look similar to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. Grand Theft Auto V would then become much more optimized, smooth and responsive, and accordingly we should see Higher FPS and compared to previous versions. As mentioned, however, it shouldn't be too drastic and the gameplay should remain unchanged.

This user also found code related to character transfers between the old gen and next gen versions of the game. While Tez2 is known in the GTA Online community for posting information from game files, as mentioned earlier, it's still worth taking such rumors with a grain of salt until we hear something concrete from Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto Online will be released on the next generation consoles also in standalone form, and therefore with a version unrelated to the base game Grand Theft Auto V. This standalone version will be free on PlayStation 5 for the first ones 3 months.

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