Xbox Live: Dan McCulloch officially leaves the division

A period full of news for Microsoft products and for the world Xbox, as in the period linked to the announcement of Xbox Series X, new news comes directly from the United States. Let's talk this time about Dan McCulloch, a key figure for Microsoft, a company for which he has worked for about fifteen years and for which he has also developed the technology of Kinect e Hololens. As confirmed, Dan is ready to leave the Xbox division to devote himself to a new business adventure. Currently, the man stands at the head of Xbox Live, for which it therefore plays a fundamental role. A long career studded with successes in a key period for video games, which has gone through well three generations of consoles. The announcement comes like a bolt from the blue, but the decision doesn't seem so unexpected after all. We are now used to these changes, especially in the passages from one videogame generation to another, which often result in the closure of a project and the subsequent opening of a new one. Dan McCulloch personally announced his decision with a tweet, which we attach below.

After 15 years at XBOX, I announced today that I would be leaving. I made so many friends, learned so much and truly had a blast! I'm extremely excited about the next opportunity in my career and I will be announcing that very soon, you all will be pumped! ? Thank you !!!

- Dan McCulloch ? (@McDanRandom) June 30, 2020

After 15 years on Xbox, I announced today that I'm leaving. I made so many friends, I learned a lot and it was mythical. I am very excited for the new opportunity that I will have in my career, which I will announce very soon. You will all be happy! ? Thanks !!!

A tweet that expresses absolute serenity about the decision taken, and which suggests that Dan's new step will please his audience a lot. It therefore appears that theman will move from the top of Xbox Live to a new role inherent in the world of video games, or that in any case translates into something related to the entertainment sector. So we just have to wait for further news, in a period already so hot for the arrival of many news day by day.

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