Xiaomi Mi 11 5G, the review

It is not easy to find your way around the smartphone offer Xiaomi: the Chinese manufacturer, like many other players in the Android device market, is constantly churning out new devices, making it difficult for the non-"ultra-informed" end user to identify substantial differences and novelties. This has happened for many of his latest releases, but fortunately the Mi 11 5G, whose review you are about to read, is a substantial exception. This is for several reasons, starting with the fact that the smartphone in question is placed in the high end, at the top of the current Xiaomi catalog, presenting itself with a really interesting technical data sheet and more generally with all-round features that make it particularly inviting for anyone looking for a new high-level Android phone.

Design and display

Let's start as usual by talking about design. Let's get our hands well ahead, clarifying how for several years in the Chinese Android smartphone market it has been really difficult to find distinctive ideas, even in the face of the consideration that the full screen front actually makes the rear body the only area where it is actually possible to understand which both one device than another. All the more so now that the notch a punchole placed in the upper left of the screen seems to have become the preferred choice of several manufacturers, a kind of standard adopted across the board. Having closed the premise, the back of the Mi 11 actually has a distinctive element to be found in the rear optical group, which stands out for the large "eye" of the main lens which, together with the wide angle lens placed just below, is enclosed in an oval black that detaches from the color of the rest of the back.

The lines in general are beautiful, pleasant and sinuous, the grip is very satisfactory also thanks to the opaque processing of the body and the thickness is reduced as well as the weight, which even manages to stop below the threshold of 200 grams (196 to be precise). The latter is a truly remarkable result for a smartphone with a huge 6.81 "screen curved on the sides, so certainly not a little bulky. But even this is not at all new for this kind of products, on the other hand the market seems to require just this. , sacrificing compactness in the face of the need to enjoy audiovisual content in an increasingly pleasant way. screen, it is clear that those who agree to spend € 800 for a new smartphone claim to have a top display. Xiaomi from this point of view has decided to answer as best it could, with a OLED panel with 20: 9 ratio awarded with an A + rating from DisplayMate. Very bright, perfectly calibrated, hyper defined and extraordinarily pleasant to use. The WQHD + resolution pushes up to 3200x1440 pixels, ensuring superior image cleanliness that is effectively appreciated in high definition content. Then the inevitable 120Hz adaptive support, with the frequency changing based on what you are viewing thus optimizing energy consumption. When it is active to the maximum, an optimal fluidity is appreciated, which is not only a technological quirk but actually contributes to the pleasure of use.

Cutting-edge hardware

The processor equipped on the Mi 11 is, also in this case, the top offered by the market at the moment or the new generation of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888. We would be lying if we said that we can clearly perceive the differences compared to the top of the range of last year, because by now technical progress has already for some time guaranteed SoC with such incredibly high computational capacity as to fulfill the vast majority of user requests without the minimum effort. That's why then squeezing the 888 is really complicated, and that basically means optimization and energy saving: the processor almost always travels at "low rpm" making its work inexpensive, and the modularity of the various cores allows you to activate only the functions actually needed at that precise moment. It is clear then that buying a smartphone today with this SoC guarantees a certain longevity to the device, beyond what can actually be constant and prolonged software support and operating system updates by the manufacturer. The coupled with the Adreno 660 GPU then allows you to have zero problems in running any game on the Play Store to the maximum, even the most demanding from a technical point of view. The Xiaomi Mi 11 in our test has never given the side to any kind of uncertainty with Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, Fortnite and Asphalt 9, making the phone an ideal choice for users interested in mobile gaming. The stereo speakers made in collaboration with Harman Kardon then offer a sound of remarkable quality, even within the insuperable limits linked to these dimensions.

Photo and video

La photographic component it is also an element on which Xiaomi wanted to concentrate a good portion of the marketing push connected to the Mi 11. The main sensor has been well 108MP, next to the ultra wide angle from 13 and the tele macro from 5. Obviously the lion's share is the primary lens, which manages to perform optimally in any light condition. It is actually difficult to find gray areas in the work of the main sensor, which also thanks to an in-depth work at the software level manages to be appreciated with shots rich in details, with ideal color reproduction. The ultra wide also does a good job, especially in light conditions, shooting images without lateral distortion, while the 5MP tele macro is obviously the least interesting, to be used only in particular conditions. Those who want to go beyond the main functions can find in the editing options studied by Xiaomi a particular reason for fun through the functions Clone and Film Effects, which offer an additional creative depth that can be useful especially from a social point of view.

The results are also really good videos in 4k, among the best on the market. You can also go up to 8k but in this case some limits appear, on which, however, you can safely postpone since in all likelihood it is a function of limited interest for most users. Finally, the 20MP front camera selfie is perfectly adequate for the purpose. Excellent autonomy thanks to battery from 4600 mAh, which can be recharged in a flash thanks to the support for 55W wired and 50W wireless, obviously through the appropriate accessories. Finally, a few lines on MIUI 12 based on Android 11 already widely known, which has corrected most of the defects of previous releases becoming one of the best Android customizations on the market. Finally the price, which a price list speaks of 799,90 for the 8GB + 128GB version to which another 100 € must be added to increase to 256GB of storage memory.

The street price, however, has, as usual, already adjusted these figures by several tens of euros, making the product even more attractive.


Price 799,99 €



The Xiaomi Mi 11 5G is the spearhead of the current Chinese manufacturer's catalog, and is actually one of the most interesting high-end Android smartphones available on the market today. A product that condenses the best that mobile technology can offer in this moment, balanced and satisfying in every situation of use, with an excellent display and an excellent photographic component. As usual in these cases it is necessary to ask yourself if it is worthwhile, for your personal needs, to spend € 800 for a smartphone: if the answer is yes, then the Mi 11 5G is a highly recommended choice.


  • Convincing design
  • Excellent display
  • High-level photographic component
  • Top hardware
  • It is not possible to expand the memory via SD card
  • IP68 certification is missing

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