Yakuza: the spin-offs Kenzan and Ishin could arrive in the west

    Yakuza: the spin-offs Kenzan and Ishin could arrive in the west

    While longtime fans of the series will likely be aware of it, new fans of the series Yakuza they might be surprised to find out that there is a subset of SEGA games set in the samurai era, which were never released to an English-speaking audience. One of the producers of the saga, Daisuke Satorecently said that the situation could change, and that two of these chapters they could also be released here in the West:

    I would love to see these two titles localized so that Western fans can play them too. In the past we have prioritized trying to regain overseas popularity with Yakuza 0. Well, the time passed quickly and there was never a good time to release Yakuza Kenzan and Yakuza Ishin. In my opinion these are games with some of the best action sequences in the series. So yes, I'd like to locate them where possible. However, these are products that date back seven years now, which means that they would require additional work in order to make remakes instead of just ports. This therefore makes any decision a little more complicated.

    The Yakuza series, originally titled Ryu ga Gotoku in Japan, it does not limit itself to exclusively telling the stories of the modern Yakuza. Kenzan and Ishin are two Yakuza spin-off games released for PlayStation 3 focusing on the history of Japan that never made the leap to the West. Apparently, with the arrival of the entire series here, and with the success of the seventh chapter, these spin-offs could also be released here in the west, obviously hoping that this happens together with the Spanish localization, so as to get around a heavy obstacle that penalized the circulation of the chapters. What do you think of this possible arrival? you are ready to challenge Goro in the guise of a mighty samurai?

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