Yharnam's Shadow Boss Guide / Walkthrough

Bloodborne: Guide to Beat the Shadow of Yharnam [PS4 Boss Walkthrough]


Let's face all the fearsome bosses of Bloodborne one by one: Shadow of Yharnam, mo so chiappi yours!

Yharnam's Shadow Boss Guide / Walkthrough

Shadow of Yharnam is the seventh boss of the game. In this fight you will fight 3 enemies at the same time: start by taking the one who throws fireballs, then move on to the one with the katana and finally deal with the enemy with the fire katana.
The key to this battle lies in the ability to dodge, enemies attack very quickly and can kill you with just 2-3 hits. So take plenty of health potions with you and when your health is running low, hide behind the large stone on the right side of the area.

Use the powerful Ax Swing attack (hold R2 with the two-handed Hunter Ax) to hit multiple targets at once. Successful hits will do a lot of damage and stun enemies for a short time, so let them run straight for your weapon.

I close the guide with some videos that show several good strategies for killing this boss. Remember to consult the Bloodborne cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game. Good luck!

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