A Night at the Museum: announced the animated film coming to Disney Plus

Many will surely remember A Night at the Museum, a well-known comic film with a protagonist Ben Stiller and which also saw the presence in the cast of a great cinema like Robin Williams. During last night's event, namely theInvestor Day, Disney has revealed a mass of inhumane content for its streaming platform, causing fan hype to skyrocket. Between dedicated TV series in the Marvel and Star Wars universes, there was also space for other brands and films.

In fact, now that Disney has bought Fox, we just have to wait for the animated film A Night at the Museum 4 to arrive on the platform. As you will remember, the objects in the museum came to life thanks to the magic table of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah. In the third film, however, he will move to the London museum where he meets his parents. It all ended with the New York museum unable to wake up, but leaving the magic to the one in London, where Rebel Wilson she holds the role of the guardian. The temporary title of the film is Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again. Kahmunrah for those with short memories is the antagonist we saw in A Night at the Museum 2, it is Ahkmenrah's brother who in turn craves the power of the table.

Although we have no further information available, from the latest rumors that have emerged it seems that Nick Daley will play the new guardian of the museum in this animated film (Jake cherry/Skyler Gisondo), who had already accompanied his father Larry on his last adventures. For anyone wondering, the cast search for the project is already active and the start of production of the film is scheduled for November 2, 2020 in Los Angeles. The film will be made for Disney +, so its arrival is only and exclusively planned for the small screen.

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