Apex Legends: an animated series could arrive for Netflix

    Apex Legends: an animated series could arrive for Netflix

    It is now clear that video game-inspired movie titles are increasingly in vogue. Be it anime as in the case of Castlevania, or TV series like The Witcher, the public is always enthusiastic every time a title is presented. That's why interviewers usually ask specific questions to various developers. In this case we are talking about Chad Grenier, the director of Apex Legends, who answered some questions asked by GamesRadar. In addition to talking about the new season - released only yesterday - and the new champion made available to the players, he talked about the future projects they are planning:

    We're totally focused on the game right now, but an Apex animated series sounds really good. Obviously these are only hypotheses, I can confirm that I have never talked about it with anyone. Certainly, however, that someone was interested, I would gladly participate.

    In fact, Apex Legends has the potential to become something more. His "world" has always been thought of outside of video game, with a well-structured and interesting lore. Furthermore, the various references to Titanfall (with fans convinced that the stories were somehow intertwined) would make it even more intriguing. The only question mark would be the protagonist of the main story. With the numerous characters present in the game it would be impossible to choose one on which to base the plot. Of course, the beloved The Mirage, it would be a good compromise and would certainly be appreciated by the fans, but everyone else would need a place in history as well.

    For the moment you just have to dedicate yourself to the video game to enjoy Apex Legends to the fullest. We remind you that, with the sixth season, a new character has been presented: Rampart. We tell you more about it in this article and we refer you to our pages which, as usual, we will not fail to constantly update.

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