Nintendo enthusiast makes a mini GameCube

Over the last few years we have learned to love, or rather, we have discovered that we still love, many of the old consoles that have warmed the hearts of gamers with a few more years on their shoulders. Several editions that we can find on the market today, including the Nintendo Classic Mini, Super Nintendo Mini, Sega Mega Drive Mini and others. The video you can see on the cover of the article shows the Youtube user Madmorda, keen to also own a Mini version of the Gamecube, realize it by himself.

The result is the fully functional console and takes most of the hardware components of the Nintendo Wii, customized and made slightly more performing; it is also powered by a Micro USB cable and you can use the GameCube controller adapter for Wii U thanks to the USB Type-A connector; it can also be connected to a screen via a 3.5 mm connector.

Definitely an excellent result waiting, perhaps, for a future announcement by Nintendo.

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