Cyberpunk 2077: After patch 1.10, a bug could block the game

The ordeal for cyberpunk 2077 shows no sign of ending even after the January corrective patch, the 1.10, which according to CD Project Red he should have started troubleshooting console optimization problems. From various reports and reports that have appeared on the net, it seems that the problems with the new corrective patch are not over and that indeed, some users on consoles PlayStation 5 have accused a worsening in the frequency of disabling system crashes. To this is added a further very serious bug system on all platforms that it concerns la main plot. A situation of relentless crisis for CD Projekt Red which has found itself in a fire that now more than a month after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, absolutely does not attenuate to go out. Attention, the following in this news contains spoilers on the main story!

While for the crash problems on PS5 the situation still seems unclear, the condition for the very serious bug concerning the main plot present with the new patch 1.10 is more defined but very serious. This appears to be due to the Takemura quest block, and it is considered as a bug it can mess up completely the course of a Partita. In fact, it was seen that after the mission "Down on the street" after talking with the Wakako fixer on Jig-Jig street, Takumura will try to contact us via a phone call, and here is the game will block on the dialogue screen preventing us from continuing the story as in a loop without exit. Loading a previous autosave doesn't seem to fix the problem because once you get back to that point in the story, the game will crash again.

CD Projekt Red is already a knowledge of the problem and is already working very hard for solve asap this bug, regarded as a priority objective. Meanwhile, invites users who run into this problem to follow the advice that we have summarized below. Try loading a manual game save prior to V and Takemura entering from Okada's office keeping in mind that Takemura has to finish his line of dialogue before leaving the office. Then bring immediately ahead of the game time of 23 hours thanks to the option on the game menu. This procedure should activate the correct execution of the telephone conversation with Takemura and allow the story to continue.

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