Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Hell Is Empty - Episode 3 Review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Hell Is Empty - Episode 3 Review

On this fateful day Deck Nine Games released the third and final episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Our doubt, after the conclusion of the previous chapter, was whether the software house would be able to close all open events (and still to be undertaken) with this third release, considering that the original game was made up of five different chapters. Now finally comes the moment of truth! We will therefore have the opportunity to find out how the developers have decided to conclude this short as intense adventure starring the story between Chloe and Rachel. After the confrontation with her father and the unexpected revelations regarding the girl's mother, we will find ourselves taking care of an increasingly emotionally devastated Rachel Amber who will need us by her side now more than ever.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Hell Is Empty - Episode 3 Review

Hell is empty

This time the episode title will be a veiled reference to the performance that took place in the previous episode; the verse itself will tell us that soon we will see the worst of all the people we have met so far on this journey. In our desperate search for Sera we will delve deeper and deeper into the local underworld of Arcadia Bay in order to achieve our ultimate goal. The criminal side of this adventure will forcefully enter the scene when we find ourselves again face to face with Frank and Damon in a diatribe that will lead to the personal.

Slowly we will be able to see the complete picture when the various pieces made up of our past choices will inexorably reunite before our eyes. Proceeding these will have an ever greater weight, which is why, now as never before, it will always be better to deepen the various subplots hidden in the game environments before continuing with the story.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Hell Is Empty - Episode 3 Review

On this occasion we will find ourselves following a much thicker texture than it might initially seem. Notoriously good characters will turn out to be anything but myths and the same will be true for the opposite sides. The new extras will be characterized much better, while our old acquaintances will always have a marginal role, but with some juicy clues that will suggest the characteristics that will distinguish them in the not too near future.

Invariably many other little gems will also return, such as optional clothing sections (this time we will even see the addition of an unlockable bonus outfit without necessarily having made the preorder or having purchased the special version). The exploratory parts will be made even more stimulating thanks to the increased complexity required to leave ours graffiti around the small town. By dialoguing in different situations we will also be able to access insolence challenges more or less useful, that they will still be interesting and add that little bit of competition to the game.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Hell Is Empty - Episode 3 ReviewTo conclude

Hell Is Empty with this release it should definitively conclude the narrative arc of this prequel set in the Life Is Strange universe, but unfortunately this is not the case. If we initially strongly doubted that all the fundamental events that had previously occurred would find an answer in this single episode, our skepticism therefore finds its foundation. As we progress through this adventure we will get closer to a conclusion that will strictly concern the facts that began in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It is certainly indisputable that the narrative behind this tale reaches very high levels for the series, but it tells us about events placed in a family context that still leave large gaps regarding the real curiosities and background that really pushed us to its purchase.

Despite its excellent accomplishment, the incomplete and hasty conclusion of this episode inevitably leaves us with a bad taste in the mouth, although we are sure that the fans will appreciate it anyway. From what we saw in the secret ending, this choice seems to have been made in favor of a richer special episode which will therefore prove to be the real fulcrum of Life is Strange: Before the Storm and not a marginal bet as a prerequisite initially with his announcement. Being able to count on the version Deluxe Edition of the game, we will certainly not fail to review the bonus episode as well Farewell, which will debut next year.

Modus Operandi: the review you just read was written based on the version PlayStation 4 of the game, after completing the entire episode.

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