Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Multiplayer - Guide to Get Strong and Win Online

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Multiplayer - Guide to Get Strong and Win Online

10 tips to stop taking blows


You are playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two worlds and are you looking for tips to improve your technique? Do you want to start playing them to your friends instead of always making you swell like a bagpipe? Well, you have come to the right place.

This guide does not contain tricks to win by cheating, but it contains 10 tips that could greatly improve your way of playing if you are not already an expert player. You will be able to improve your approach to matches, especially online multiplayer ones where novice people often face strong and experienced opponents ending up turning into training bags.

Are you tired of all this? Follow these 10 tips and the results will not be long in coming.

1 - Find your Fighter
When will you first play Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the temptation to try every character in the game is inevitable. There is nothing wrong with experimenting, but it is highly recommended to find a character that you are comfortable with and try to "beat" the opponents in front of you, at least for now. a lot of familiarity is a key factor, as it will allow you to experiment with different characters without feeling completely lost in battle. On top of that, if your opponent defeats two of your characters, he will have to switch to your best character before winning. At the same time: Weak, Medium, Strong and Special Attack. Once activated you will have greater agility, speed and strength. Be careful though, if your opponent has not used it yet, then he will certainly activate it too. So it will be up to you to maintain the calm down and try to land a good number of combos in order to remove a large amount of vitality from the opponent, if not defeat him.

2 - Create a team
Once you have some mastery of the game with a character, try to form a team around that character. Try to create a strategic team and not made up of characters taken at random.For example, if your main character does the horizontal Assist, you would have to look for characters who have effective diagonal and vertical Assists, in order to have valid Anti support. -Airplane. Super-Skrull's Tenderizer attack and Hulk's Gamma Charge are solid examples to better understand what I'm talking about. These are the basis for building a balanced team. There are many characters in the game with many abilities and powers, it will be up to you. discover them and adapt them to your style of play. So dive into training mode, play with different characters and experiment with different teams to figure out which one suits you best. One last thing: when you play offline you will be asked to indicate the damage you want to play with, always set it to High or Maximum to get used to it, because when you go to play Online games, the setting is always one of the two.

3 - How to change characters without taking damage
Changing characters is very simple, but if you have noticed, when our heroes take over, the incoming character remains uncovered for a second because he enters the arena with his leg stretched out trying (often in vain) to hit the opponent . In offline mode it is rare that this happens, but if you play online, the opponent will almost certainly try to take advantage of it and if your character had already suffered damage previously another blow could determine the defeat of the aforementioned. The advice therefore is to change characters only after having distanced themselves from the opponent. Or, even more effective is to use the Hyper-Combo and while your character is executing it, press the keys related to the Hyper-Combo of the next character; in this way the two will switch between one Hyper-Combo and the other without leaving opportunities to the opponent.

4 - How to use the assists
Using Assists to Defend, Attack or create spectacular Combos is good and right, but do it with knowledge, because when they are called on the field they are face up and therefore can be hit or in the worst case defeated. So it is best to use them for strategic purposes, or in times when you are in trouble, but never call them without a real reason.

5 - Combo smooth as oil
An extremely important thing is to have Combo available that you do not have difficulty remembering and that you can perform with "naturalness". This is because Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a very fast game, so a moment's hesitation in executing a combo can lead to certain defeat in most cases. Even attacking with the usual blow or with the usual two buttons will lead to certain defeat against an opponent who has good combos in their repertoire. On the contrary, having Combo that you can remember and execute with "naturalness", will bring serious damage to the opponent and regardless of defeat or victory we will be able to give him a hard time.

6 - Advancing Guard
Obviously sooner or later the opponent will hit you and in some cases you will feel at the mercy of the opponent's blows. This is why you will have to learn how to use the Advancing Guard.This technique consists in parrying the attack and at the same time pushing the opponent away from us, it does not cause damage but will give you time to catch your breath and set up a plan of attack or To use it you must press at the same time: Weak, Medium, Strong Attack and the directional pad or the analogue, in the relative opposite direction of the opponent. So if the opponent attacks you from the right side of the screen press left, if instead he attacks you from the left press to the right plus Weak, Medium and Strong Attack, all I remember at the same time.

7- the X-Factor
The X Factor can be activated with all characters only once per encounter and as already mentioned gives the team greater agility, speed and strength. But it also has another great advantage, it can cancel the Hyper-Combo, but be careful, because to cancel the opponent's Hyper-Combo, you will first have to parry it. Subsequently, while parrying you will have to use the X-Factor, in this way you will leave the opponent uncovered for a few seconds, you will have to be quick to hit him with a Combo, or use the Hyper-Combo in turn. X is an important aspect of the game and using it too early or too late can result in an encounter. It is usually best to use it "later", perhaps at a time when you have low vitality, so as to avoid critical damage and be able to counterattack very much. effective. This is one of the many times you can use it effectively, so keep your eyes on the opponent and think about the best time to use it. Finally, don't forget to use it only when you find yourself in difficulty.

8 - strategy
Combos are very cool and flashy, but being overly offensive can sometimes bring more trouble than good. Especially against those opponents who attack recklessly. A good way to counter these players is to use ranged attacks, such as Magneto's Electromagnetic Destroyer. At this point the opponent, if he does not have valid characters attacking from a distance, must necessarily get close. Follow the opponents' movements and try to stop the advance with attacks from a distance when it is possible, while when it is too close, there will surely be a moment in which it will be discovered, so try to understand what is the right moment and load it with combos or Hyper-Combo in order to take away a large amount of vitality. This is just a suggestion. There are various categories of players out there. So, when you find yourself facing opponents who use original strategies, whether you win or lose, try to take a cue from their strategies to increase your own and at the same time develop a "counter" strategy, so that you are prepared if you ever encounter. opponents who use the same or similar strategies to the previous one.

9 - Until the end
In this game, as you have surely noticed, a match that is unfolding completely in your favor can turn into a ruinous defeat in an instant. So even if you are clearly winning, never let your guard down and be ready for anything

10 - Have patience and continuity
Like all fighting games, even in this one you need a lot of training and practice to reach certain levels, but once you reach them you will have great satisfaction. So try not to let too much time pass between games, even just playing an hour a day will bring results. Play a lot of Arcade, Training and Challenge Modes to learn the basics and when you feel ready check out the Online Mode as well.
I just have to wish you good luck and good Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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