Mind Zero - Review

Mind Zero or also MIND ≒ 0, developed by Acquire in collaboration with ZeroDiv, it's an interesting title Dungeon Crawler, that will allow us to know and experience the adventures of this group of young people who will find themselves at the center of an intricate story of demons and monsters.

How it all begins

It all begins in a school in Nippori (Japan), where it seems that a completely mad person has killed a child with an ax. In this story we will meet the first characters, Kei Takanashi and her friend Shizuku Kamina, where their dialogue will be interrupted by a request for help from their classmate Sana Chikage, intent on facing the madman. Once they arrive at the scene of the fight, Kei will be sucked by a mysterious force through a portal making him lose consciousness. Once he regains consciousness he will find himself in a sort of emporium full of weapons, run by a mysterious woman called Undertaker, that will put him in front of a tough choice. The only way to leave will be to choose one of all weapons. Weapons that are able to link it to a named entity Mind, but by making the wrong choice he would pay with his life.

Once free from the store, Kei will find himself exactly in the place where he was sucked into the portal, discovering that his friend Sana has also suffered the same fate. With the new powers and weapons of the Mind they will face the crazy person, who turns out to be a monster escaped from a portal near the school.

With the end of the battle Kei and Sana will decide to go in search of a mysterious entity to have answers and solutions for the situation in which they find themselves.

Labyrinths and many monsters

As we can see, the story is very important, especially the care they have had in creating the various interactions between the characters and their personal plots.

Being a title Dungeon crawler, in addition to the phases of interactions between the characters, we will have a lot of time to devote to the exploration of multi-level mazes located in the spiritual world full of treasures, objects, but above all of monsters and bosses that we will have to face in a first person view in combat to shifts.

In addition to using the classic "physical" moves, our characters will be able to call their Minds for help. The demons in fact will take the place of their summoners, not only by facing the enemies, but also taking damage in their place. When the counter of "mental point”Is reset due to too many hits taken, or even for an excessive use of attacks, the character remains defenseless against the monsters that can kill him quickly. So it is good to know when to use the help of our Mind and when it is enough to defeat the monsters with our own strength.

The harsh reality

In terms of Mind Zero mechanics, it doesn't offer a high level between graphics and gameplay. All the interactions between the characters were made with a style Visual novel, who managed to make them the heart of the title thanks to the splendid illustrations by Kuzuma Kaneko. As mentioned previously, the story will also take place inside the mazes represented by a first-person exploration, which leave something to be desired due to a lack of attention to detail and low graphics quality.

What fascinates, besides Kaneko's illustrations, making Mind Zero more interesting are the soundtracks. The music that will accompany us throughout our history, from the fights to the interactions of the characters, will never be out of place and will be able to create a suitable framework for this title.

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