Mythic Games' Super Fantasy Brawl will return to Kickstarter soon

Through a post published on their official Facebook page, Mythic Games reminds players for a few minutes that the 2nd round of the campaign Kickstarter dedicated to the board game Super Fantasy Brawl will start tomorrow, March 9, at 19.00 in Spain. The announcement is accompanied by a movie rather full-bodied, lasting two minutes, which you can view by going to the bottom of the news.

Super Fantasy Brawl: Round 2 will arrive at Kickstarter on Tuesday 9 March at 19.00pm. This is a fast and fun board game with cool cards and miniatures!

By clicking here you can activate the notifies which will notify you when the Kickstarter campaign will be active. The fundraising page is accompanied by the following presentation text:

Fast, fun, competitive, full of fights and with 9 new champions to spice things up! Join the Arena!

Super Fantasy Brawl is a board game that promises Sweeping champion-filled battles between two teams armed with stunning miniature figurines and, in the background, a huge game board. Defeat the opposing team and collect victory points to be the heroes of this new adventure. It is a game belonging to the Arena-style strategy genre, where it will be possible to create matches up to a maximum of 4 players. The first version presented boasted an already interesting roster of characters, which will now be expanded thanks to the 2nd round of the dedicated Kickstarter campaign. The fearsome Alistair Black Heart, the magic Al 'Kemi and the knight Sir Tentaclot await you in this new adventure which requires your participation, your trust and your enthusiasm to shine with your own light as soon as possible.

We have dedicated the to the first version of the board game Super Fantasy Brawl by Mythic Games our review. Finally, at the end of last October, we dedicated an analysis of the game mechanics of another splendid board game, that is Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game.

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