Outriders is now free on Xbox Game Pass, but Xbox Network doesn't hold up

Outriders has finally arrived today in the homes of gamers, and is also available free su Xbox Game Pass to Xbox One, Xbox series X / S e xCloud (mobile). However, some issues reported by the community have emerged, as it appears that theXbox Network is overloaded - probably due to the large amount of players - and some functions are therefore blocked.

The most common problems in these minutes specifically concern the impossibility of sync your saves (using the Xbox cloud system) and to consult and redeem the rewards, but it seems that in some rare cases even the other online features are not easily usable.

As mentioned at the beginning, it is not said that it was actually the arrival of Free Outriders on Xbox Game Pass that overloaded the Redmond house servers, as it could have been just a coincidence, or an addition to a load already of per se worrying for infrastructure. The fact is that the company is certainly working to fix the problem, healing his own network (recent new name of Xbox Live), to allow players to enjoy all its features.

Generally, i Xbox servers are renowned for their stability, and it is quite rare for such crashes to undermine the quality of users' gaming sessions. Outriders is also just one of the many games that have arrived for free in the last few months on the Xbox Game Pass, as the division is particularly looking after its flagship service.

The title is a third person co-op shooter, developed by People Can Fly (which contributed to the saga of Gears of War, and he also developed works such as Bulletstorm e Fortnite: Save the World). Players are called upon to recapture a hostile planet, through a total of 4 classes with different abilities and potentials, which allow them to defeat the myriad enemies in an ever-changing way. Before leaving you, we take the opportunity to refer you to our preview, where you can find our first considerations on the experience after testing the demo, here is the link to read it.

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