PlayStation 5: how to fix the most common console error codes

PlayStation 5: how to fix the most common console error codes

Despite PlayStation 5 made its debut in Japan, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea a couple of days ago, just like PS4, the giant's next-generation console is plagued with many error codes, which may appear in certain situations when using the device. In most cases these are minor critical issues, but which can still create various problems for the end user. Here are some of the most common errors encountered on PlayStation 5:

Error code CE-105799-1 / CE-113212-0

This issue reports the following message: "Unable to connect to server". Those who own a PS4 may be familiar with this type of error. This is a fairly common problem, as it is closely linked to the PSN server. To see if this is a problem with your console, or with the entire Sony community, just check your account Ask PlayStation on Twitter, or the official PlayStation Network page, if there are any reports. If the servers are working correctly and no problems of any kind have been found, you will need to check the connection of your console and make sure that it is actually connected to the Internet, either via a Wi-Fi or wired network.

Error code CE-108862-5

Although the malfunction reports a message similar to the previous error code, "Unable to connect to the server", this refers to the game servers, therefore not linked to the PlayStation Network. Again, if your connection is working properly, you need to go to Twitter and check the game's official account to see if there are any server interruptions.

Error code CE-107520-5 / CE-108889-4

The following critical issue reports the following error message: “Install the latest system software“. This is a fairly simple problem to solve. Just update PlayStation 5 to the latest software version. To check if a new update is available on your console, just go to the settings or visit the Sony official website, where you can not only check if an update has been released, but you can also download it from your PC and install it on PS5 via USB.

Error code CE-108255-1

The error shows the following message: “Something went wrong with this game or app“, not allowing the title in question to run correctly. This is a rather difficult malfunction to determine since it could be caused by several elements, such as: faulty hardware, installation not carried out correctly or more. If the problem is not solved with a new installation, or by using a new one, the criticality could be related to the hardware. In such case, we recommend that you contact Sony support immediately.

Error code NP-102955-2

"Account information is incorrect". This console error is related to your PlayStation Network login information, which may be entered incorrectly, so we recommend making sure you don't make any mistakes when entering your PSN account credentials. If you have forgotten username or the Password, just go to the appropriate section of the Sony official website and click on the "recover password" button, or contact customer support.

We hope we've been helpful with this short guide on how to fix some of the most common console error codes, and looking forward to getting your hands on PlayStation 5, we remind you that the peripheral will debut next November 19 2020.



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