Qualcomm challenges Nintendo Switch, a console with Android 12 is in the works

As you well know, Nintendo Switch is one of the most innovative devices in recent history, which combines the concept of home consoles and portable peripherals in a single device, and in recent years several manufacturers have decided to replicate the winning formula of the Kyoto house, including the same Qualcomm (US company known to the general public for making many of the processors available on our smartphones).

According to what emerged from a recent report by Android Police, the American company would seriously intend to land once and for all in the home entertainment market with a "knockoff" gaming peripheral, very similar to the concept of hybrid console introduced by Nintendo with switch in 2017, therefore equipped with removable Joy-Con style controllers but with on board Android 12 and powered by a chipset Snapdragon. Also, according to the words of David ruddock (AP Editor in Chief), although the device bears a strong resemblance to the Nintendo Switch, it is very reminiscent of a thicker and bulkier smartphone.

This design would have enabled a Qualcomm not just to make the faster processor, but also to include within it one well battery 6000 mAh (against the 4310 mAh of the console of the large N) equipped with fast charging. But that's not all, as the new gaming peripheral should be equipped with a 6,65-inch Full HD + panel, an SD card slot to expand internal storage, Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers, 5G support and support for the suite of apps and services Google Play.

As for the controller, the US company will rely on a "premium supplier" for the design and production of the gamepads. In addition, the company hopes to make available theEpic Games Store prior to the release of the console, currently scheduled for first quarter of 2022 at the price of dollars 300. According to the Android Police report, the US giant intends to sell the device not only through the company's official channels, but also by promoting the new gaming peripheral on store shelves.

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