Sonic The Hedgehog: Character Design Will Be Changed!

Immediately after the release of the first official trailer for the film by Sonic The Hedgehog, the many fans of the iconic character of SEGA, they expressed their discontent. The negative comments on the character design came straight to the house Paramount, who decided to intervene.

Just today, the director Jeff Fowler responded to all criticisms on Twitter:

“The message came loud and clear. You are not satisfied with the design and would like us to modify it. It is going to happen. Everyone at Paramount & Sega is fully committed to making this character the BEST ever "

In short, everyone, absolutely everyone at home Paramount & SEGA they understood the hint, the design made to carry Sonic the cinema didn't really like it. Many defects found by fans of the historic videogame saga, who certainly expect a great job from the production. We do not know what and which points will change Paramount & SEGA, but surely they have started working on it with extreme urgency, given the approaching more and more of the release date, scheduled for next 7 November.

And what do you think of the appearance of the mythical blue thorn pig? You too are of the opinion that it is all to be thrown away or there is something that can be saved from this Sonic The Hedgehog? Let us know what your impressions were about this “particular” design by Sonic and what advice would you like to give to the production of the film.

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