The Binding of Isaac Repentance: the patch notes reveal a lot of news

    The Binding of Isaac Repentance: the patch notes reveal a lot of news

    The Binding of Isaac Repentance the new DLC homonym The Binding of Isaac Rebith, has already been available since yesterday, even if only today the patch notes complete with the product. The one presented is a substantial list that describes the hundreds of changes, some even very interesting, regarding the latest expansion dedicated to the iconic rogue like independent developed by Edmund McMillen, Florian Himsl and the Nicalis.

    Repetance is indeed the last piece of a greatest work, revised over and over again and extending what has almost become a cult in the independent world, thanks to the constant support of the developers and the structuring of an extremely complex, varied and game world that makes horror fiction one of the main keys to its success. The patch notes we are talking about, therefore add an immense amount of fixed e game mechanics revisions, as well as some interesting new ones narrative pieces, to what was present in the previous version of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +.

    Among the most interesting changes to the gameplay we can mention for example, the addition of some versions of the levels previously available only in the basic mode of the title and which will now also be present in the mode Greed Mode, let's talk about plans like the Burning Basement, Necropolis etc. In addition, the system has been revised coop which now allows you to use multiple main characters of the roster at the same time and the bosses will consequently release a double prize to reward both players.

    Other than that, some have been made balances to the structure of the "Challenge rooms" or challenge rooms, so that the type of hordes of monsters that are created there, will be similar to those who would normally be in the specific level. They were then reduced some annoying visual effects like the one given to some pills that blur the game view. Furthermore, among the most interesting additions, a considerable number of new contents have been included, below we leave you the most interesting ones:

    • Lots of additions new synergies between objects.
    • Additions thousands of new layouts for the rooms.
    • Additions 9 new challenges.
    • Added 2 new playable characters.
    • Added 150 new items.
    • Added over a hundred new types of enemies.
    • Added 25 new bosses.
    • Added a new color system for enemies defined as Samples.
    • New additions icons for the mini-map.

    Repetance therefore presents itself as the last iteration of the original The Binding of Isaac, and significantly expands the product available up to now. A title that, as already mentioned, has been expanded numerous times, especially after the version Rebirth, which opened the door to numerous expansions of the universe narrative and new gameplay mechanics. Right on the side of the game story, the turbulent and dramatic events of Isaac, a child lost in a terrifying delusion made up of tragic daydreams. A universe full of unspeakable monstrosities, probably caused by a very serious form of psychosis that could also have had its roots in the harsh religious repression inflicted on him by his mother.

    A repression, which consequently induced the fragile mind of the child to create an imaginary place, a maze, where you can take refuge in moments of great psychological stress. A dreamlike place, however, where privations and childhood traumas take the form of abominable and disturbing visions. The DLC therefore proposes to elaborate further pieces of the horrid epic of poor Isaac and to also insert new and interesting contents among those already present, with the aim of exponentially increasing the variety of situations available and allowing us to plunge once again into the tormented , and in its own way fascinating, universe of the protagonist.

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