The Boys: Antony Starr would like to play Wolverine in the MCU

    The Boys: Antony Starr would like to play Wolverine in the MCU

    Wolverine is one of the most beloved and iconic Marvel characters ever, in both comics and movies. As you well know, the famous character of X-Men he has been portrayed in many films other than Hugh Jackman, until the recent "Logan", Released in theaters in 2017. While many saw the film as the perfect salute to Weapon X, some fans would have wanted Jackman to return, given the recent acquisition of FOX by Disney.

    At the moment the house of Mickey Mouse, together with the Marvel Studios did not disclose how and when the X-Men will be introduced in Marvel Cinematic Universe, but during a recent interview on Screen Geek's microphones, the actor Antony Starr (interpreter of Patriot in "The Boys“) Confirmed that he is interested in taking on the role of Wolverine. Here are his words:

    Among the Marvel / X-Men characters I would say Wolverine! It would be a big responsibility, man. Jackman pretty much made his mark in this role, didn't he? So, never say never - but at the moment, I'm just enjoying what we're doing here. I mean, to be honest, Wolverine doesn't wear spandex, which is definitely bad for me. I like the feel of tight pants, you know, if they can tighten the jeans, maybe.

    We can put on some kind of skinny leather jeans - or maybe a trouser suit. I might be tempted, but I'm just happy to do what I'm doing. I appreciate the fans, we have a great community and they are really enthusiastic and passionate, so I love their ideas and their support. I hope they enjoy the second season of The Boys and I am thrilled that we have the chance to do the third season as well.

    Finally, we remind you that starting from the next September 4th will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video the second season di The Boys.



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