The Witcher: Netflix will propose a known sorceress in the second season

British actress Cassie Clare was proposed for the cast of the second season of the series The Witcher, in the role of Philippa Eilhart. After the serious problems the study had due to the recent pandemic of Covid-19 who paralyzed the filming and blocked the whole cast, now it seems that the recordings have started again and therefore the face has finally been chosen for Philippa Eilhart, the famous and powerful enchantress present in the universe of witcher. Filming that among other things are nearing conclusion, and which will therefore lead the second season to end on the well-known streaming platform as soon as possible. Netflix.

To briefly introduce the actress, we can say that Cassie Clare is an interpreter British who has performed various productions over the years especially in the small screen with TV programs such as, Delicious e The Bisexual, but also in films like The beauty and the Beast e Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Clare, who has therefore acted in multiple contexts, has certainly inherited the role of a complex character and highly recognized by fans, being Philippa one of the best known "secondary" faces of the saga, close to main characters such as the protagonist Series Geralt of Tivia (Henry Cavill).

Philippa Eilhart is in fact one of the most powerful and capable enchantresses of the continent of The Witcher, both in books and in games, so much so that she is one of the few to have learned the art of polymorphization which allows her to turn into an owl. She was the councilor of the King Vimizir until his death, perhaps by his hand and subsequently helped to found the Loggia of the enchantresses of which she became the head. He made his appearance in the second game as an antagonist to Geralt's journey but is also present in the third chapter. Despite theappearance very youth of the woman, it seems to have at least 300 years, at least according to some sources within the narrative universe. Another no less important factor is that the character is a well-known and appreciated icon LGBT in the world of video games.

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