Thirteen: released the official trailer of the second season

As you well know, last year the branded series Netflix it has been one of the most discussed and controversial for the treatment of strong themes such as sexual violence and suicide among adolescents. Today, the giant of the video streaming service  has released the trailer for the second season of the beloved Thirteen which, we recall, will be available starting next May 18th. In this second season, we will retrace the stories of the characters at the center of the previous season, but there will be new twists and some new entries.

The surviving characters will have to deal with the aftermath of Hannah Baker's death and the evidence she left behind to testify to her past hardships. In this second season, moreover, Liberty High is preparing to face the "big" trial, but someone will be willing to do anything to tarnish the truth about Hannah's death. The twists, of course, are by no means excluded: a series of disturbing Polaroids will lead the young Clay and his companions to discover a terrible secret. What do you think about it? Did you love the previous season? Also, are you eager to see the new episodes? Keep following us to not miss any news regarding the movie and videogame world!

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