Transformers Online: the development team reveals the release date

    Transformers Online: the development team reveals the release date

    The Hong Kong developer Leyou has released new information on Transformers Online, a brand-based MMO Hasbro. According to these new rumors, the game is still in development after being initially announced two years ago. The company also assures that Transformers Online will enter beta in theOctober 2021 to then officially launch the title ad April 2022. This information was disclosed following the recent announcement that Leyou was acquired by Tencent. As part of the acquisition, Leyou was legally required to publish several documents detailing the company's current plans. In addition to Transformers Online, these reports have provided players with an MMO update dedicated to The Lord of the Rings, also currently under development. As well as Transformers Online, also the title dedicated to the universe of Tolkien should come out in 2022.

    Rumors began to circulate about Tencent's interest in the Leyou acquisition as early as July this year. While the company would have received offers to be bought by Sony, a statement from the developer's board of directors confirmed that it was entering into an exclusive deal with Tencent valued at 1,4 billion dollars. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčan MMO dedicated to the Transformers universe isn't exactly new. In fact, in 2014, the development team Jagex had released Transformers Universe in open beta, but unfortunately, the game was shut down by the same software house and Hasbro in early 2015, with the team having to issue refunds to players who purchased a Founders Pack.

    After years of silence, Transformers then returns to be seen in the videogame field. In fact, we remind you that it recently came out Transformers: Battlegrounds, and you can find our review dedicated to the title in question via this link. Finally, we remind you that Transformers Online should be released in beta in October 2021.

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