8 solutions to help you restore call history on your iPhone

Your iPhone keeps a log of incoming, outgoing and missed calls as Call History. And if you've noticed this carefully, they show up in the Recent tab at the bottom when you open the Phone app. Unfortunately, the Recent tab appears blank for some iPhone users. If your call history isn't showing up on your iPhone, you've come to the right place. Here we will tell you 8 solutions that will help you to restore call history on your iPhone.

For some users, only outgoing calls are not displayed in the call history when it comes to the call history issue. For others, all calls are missing from the Recents tab. The following fixes will help you solve both types of problems. However, if someone else has manually deleted the call history from your phone, it is difficult to restore it.

1. Restart your phone

This simple yet magical trick seems to have worked wonders for people facing the problem of missed call history. Then restart your iPhone. If a temporary technical problem occurs, the call log will be displayed after reboot.

Suggestion: You should also try to enable Airplane Mode on your iPhone for a while. So disable it.

2. Remove the SIM card

If the reboot didn't work, a similar solution should help to remove the SIM card from the phone. Turn off your iPhone, eject the SIM card and wipe it with a microfiber cloth (the cleaning part is optional, but it helps). Insert the SIM card again and turn on your iPhone. Now check your call history.

3. View all call history

There are two tabs on the call history screen: All and Missed. While the All tab shows incoming and outgoing calls, the Missed tab shows only missed calls. Check those cards. You may have accidentally pressed the Missed tab and now you need to see only the missed calls in the call history. Tap All to view the entire call history on your iPhone.

4. Set the correct date and time

Using an incorrect date and time on your iPhone can hinder the normal functioning of your device. Always make sure the date and time are correct. Go to Settings> General> Date and time. Enable the switch next to Set automatically.

Suggestion: find out what is the screen passcode on iPhone.

5. Change region

Another solution that you should try is to change the region of your iPhone. Sometimes, the problem occurs due to the wrong language and region setting on your iPhone. So changing regions solves this problem.

Follow these steps:

1 pass : Go to iPhone Settings> General> Language & Region.

Step 2: tap Region. Select a region other than your current one.

3 pass : restart the phone.

Step 4: restore the region to your country by following steps 1 and 2.

6. Check the iPhone storage space

Your iPhone should have some space to store call logs. If your iPhone memory is almost full, this could be the reason why the call history is not being logged. You may also have noticed that your iPhone has become slow. We suggest clearing the unwanted occupied space and clearing some cache.

Go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage. Here you will see the amount of storage space available on your iPhone. You should either delete the apps you don't use or download them to free up storage space. You can also move your photos to iCloud. Check out other tips for freeing up space on iPhone.

7. Update your phone

There may be a bug in the existing version of the phone software. Check if there is an update available on your phone. Go to Settings> General> Software Update. The phone will search for an available update. Install it once downloaded.

Suggestion: find out what happens when you update your iPhone or Android phone.

8. Reset your network settings

Resetting the iPhone network settings also worked for many users. This will only delete the mobile network and Wi-Fi network settings and no other data from your iPhone. After rebooting, you'll need to set them up again.

Go to iPhone Settings> General> Reset. Here you will find various recovery options. Tap Reset Network Settings. Find out in detail what happens when you reset your iPhone or reset network settings.

Ask Siri for help

Ideally, one of the solutions mentioned above should solve the problem of call history disappearing or not showing on your iPhone. God forbid if the problem persists, you can enlist Siri's help to list your recent calls. Tell Siri "Check your call history" or "Check my recent calls". This should come in handy if you want to quickly check your call history without the Phone app.

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