The 8 best apps to create videos

The 8 best apps to create videos

Thanks to their diffusion through the most important social networks, videos are becoming more and more popular, and many devote themselves to it with passion or profession, managing to create increasingly high-quality videos.

There are several applications that allow any enthusiast to become a perfect video maker, apps that allow you to edit and make movies that can be considered almost professional.

Whether on Instagram, Youtube, or even simply for Facebook stories, videos have been literally depopulating on the web for some months, and there are many video editing apps designed for making movies almost professional amateur.

But which are the best app in video editing? With the precious help of Komunikasi's friends, experts in professional video making (especially corporate videos modena) we are going to examine the best 8 applications on the market.

The Magisto application uses artificial intelligence to be able to make your videos memorable even in a few minutes. Through his Magisto technology is able to make videos by perceiving the intent of who is making the movie, enhancing images, enhancing and stabilizing the video, as well as making color corrections, filters, effects and transitions that interact with the real content and audio than the video. An app that allows anyone to create in a few simple gestures the almost banal photographs into captivating stories to be published on any social network.

One of the applications for editing and making original retro-style videos is VHS Camcorder. Through this app it is possible to recreate videos of the same quality of the 80s, videos that were recorded and stored on videotapes, shot through the use of Camcorder cameras. Surely for all fans of the retro style to be able to make videos with l’app VHS Camcorder it's a leap into the past.

It definitely needs no introduction iMovie application is a very popular video editing software from Apple. With a rather intuitive interface, it includes several functions to edit your video from both mobile and fixed devices. Ideal application for editing any type of video, but also for making trailers with special sound effects or music.

One of the main problems in publishing the same video on different social networks concerns the video format. It may take a long time to make videos of different sizes, and above all, depending on where you decide to post it, you will need to make changes. The Inshot application it helps those who need to quickly edit their movie, speeding up clips, cropping the movie, adding filters but also to resize the video for posts on feeds or stories.

One of the most popular editing applications among bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers is precisely Wondershare FilmoraGo. Ideal for editing on the go using the "easy mode" you can in minutes drag and drop video clips, but also add music.

It only takes a few minutes to be able to create beautiful videos using the Quick application, by choosing your favorite photos and videos from the gallery, from Facebook or even from GoPro Plus. In a few seconds the Quick application is able to analyze the movie made, allowing you to add music synchronized to the video as well as beautiful effects. In this way it is possible to personalize all the videos made, in order to later share them on different social networks.

And for those in need of create Triller music videos is the recommended application, as it allows you to exploit all your creativity in the creation of real music videos. Just choose the song you prefer, shoot some scenes, then add filters to the images, to be able to create a high quality music video, just like the video clips of the most famous singers.

For those who need to create perfect Instagram stories, you can rely on the Mojo application. For create engaging Instagram stories just use the animated models proposed by the Mojo app, also useful if you want to show a blog post or a text to be highlighted in your feed.

Thanks to the Mojo app you can add some text, but also change the background colors, or add pages to your template to make an Instagram story even longer. Once the project is complete, you can save everything on the camera roll and then publish them later on Instagram or decide to do it immediately via the Mojo application.

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