Samsung Galaxy A12 does not turn on, what to do

Samsung Galaxy A12 does not turn on, what to do

If the Samsung Galaxy A12 does not turn on, then there is no need to rush to the service center right away. First, you should follow some simple and safe steps that can help you reset your device. Your Samsung Galaxy A12 won't turn on and you can't understand why? This problem is incredibly frustrating, especially when you think about how many sacrifices you have made to buy your smartphone. In this article, I'll show you what to do when your Samsung Galaxy A12 won't turn on!

Sometimes the solution is as simple as charging the phone's battery. Try charging your Samsung Galaxy A12 for 5-10 minutes. Then, press and hold the power button for several seconds and check if your A12 turns on or indicates that the battery is charging. If the battery is completely discharged, it will take longer to charge. In some cases, your Galaxy won't turn on immediately and it may take a few minutes to even let you know it's charging.

Try using a different charger and charging cable. So, try charging your Galaxy with a different cable and charger. There may be a problem with the cable or charger, not the phone.

Once, I went to buy a new phone when I thought my phone was broken, only to later realize it was the charger. Don't be like me. A new charger is much cheaper than a new phone!

Why does the Samsung Galaxy A12 not turn on?

There are many possible reasons behind the problem with your phone not turning on; problems often arise during daily use. According to experts from device companies, problems with turning on can be associated with the following events:

  • after updating the operating system, some system files were installed with errors;
  • the device has stopped starting due to viruses supplied with applications not installed directly from Google Play;
  • after dropping the device on a hard surface, the display or battery cable has become disconnected;
  • the USB port is blocked or humidity is causing problems.

It should be noted right away that dealing with physical harm is not an easy task. When attempting to repair yourself, some connections may inadvertently come off. If the methods proposed below do not lead to a positive result, it is recommended that you contact a verified service center for diagnostics and repair.

Force restart the Samsung Galaxy A12

If your Samsung Galaxy A12 won't turn on, it could be a software crash. Fortunately, you can force restart your phone. A forced restart will force the phone to turn off and then turn on again. This type of restart will not affect the data on the phone. Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button on your Samsung Galaxy at the same time for 10-20 seconds to force restart. The Samsung logo will appear on the screen if the restart was successful.

Or you can start Recovery if the device has been charged over 15%. At the same time, by plugging in the charger, you can make sure the screen is intact and the USB port is working as expected. So, if your phone responds to the battery charge and shows information about the battery charging process, you can take the following actions:

  1. Press and hold the power and volume up buttons at the same time. Keep them like this until the phone vibrates. The initial startup screen will appear and vibrate will follow, after which you will be able to release the power button. Important note: Sometimes the combination works with the volume down button, but not the increase button.
  2. In the menu you just opened, select the "Reboot to system" button (in some versions the option is called "Reboot system now").

The device should immediately proceed to reboot, followed by a normal Android boot. By the way, if the device does not charge, it is recommended that you try other USB cables and chargers.

Reset to factory settings

After performing the above steps, several scenarios are possible. In addition to the usual restart of the device, the phone may shut down or freeze on the screen saver. You shouldn't get too upset about this, as the steps taken have helped ensure that a number of important functions and systems are working properly.

Restarting via Recovery is a suitable option for situations where the firmware has suffered from minor issues that have been fixed. If the violation in the operating system is much more serious (for example, after installing the firmware with errors), it will need to be reset to factory settings. It is important to note that this will delete all files from the device memory, including photos, videos and music. Back up all data on your phone if you don't want to lose it.

  1. Open the Recovery, as in the steps described above.
  2. Select Wipe data / Reset to factory settings.

The device should reboot. The reboot process can take much longer than usual (up to 10-15 minutes), after which you will need to do the initial setup.

Other things to do if the Samsung Galaxy A12 still won't turn on

What if the steps above did not solve the problem? If the device suddenly shut down, stopped responding to pressing the power button or charging, the problem most likely lies with the hardware. 

If the device has been dropped or dropped into water, a service center should be contacted for diagnostics. Another probable cause is battery failure. The main symptom is the battery discharging quickly, until a malfunction is detected.

When using smartphones with removable batteries, you can try to buy a similar one and simply replace it. If the battery compartment is closed, it will not be possible to do this without the help of Samsung experts.

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