How to check if a Xiaomi product is original

If you have just bought a Xiaomi and you want to know if it is original or fake, you should read this article. We have already said this more than once. Xiaomi is one of our favorite brands as it has a multitude of really interesting phones at prices to suit all budgets.

But that Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands of the moment is a double-edged sword because it means that it is also one of the companies that suffers the greatest number of counterfeits. And it's not the first time that the Chinese company has warned users of this terrible problem.

A few months ago, the company warned that both its chargers and power banks were victims of counterfeiting. But beware, not only these accessories are imitated but also their smartphones. Now how can I know if my Xiaomi phone is genuine or fake? Keep reading.

How to recognize a real Xiaomi

The truth is that the internet has made it much easier for us to buy the products, as we can find the gadget we want at the best price. But the internet also has its dangers and one of them is that when we buy a smartphone we cannot see it closely before we buy it.

And this is where our fears begin. We may have seen a really cheap device on a certain website, but is it original? What if they send me a fake smartphone? Counterfeits are becoming more and more faithful to the originals, so how do I know if my phone is genuine or fake?

These fears grow when we buy phones in Chinese stores, for example Xiaomi models, a brand that is unfortunately quite easy to fake. Fortunately, Xiaomi has some tools to make it easy for its users to check whether the Xiaomi they are about to buy is genuine or fake.

Although the most experienced eyes may guess that a phone is original, the truth is that most users will have to use alternative methods. One of these methods is the IMEI number that each device has assigned and that will allow us to know, in this case, if the Xiaomi item we are about to buy is original or fake.

What is the IMEI number and how to find it

The IMEI of a mobile phone is a 15-digit code that is used to identify a smartphone. It is a number that allows the identification of our device. In other words, each mobile phone has its own IMEI number assigned and two smartphones cannot have the same number.

The IMEI therefore it is necessary to know it - or at least write it in a safe place - as it can be useful on more than one occasion, for example if we lose it or it is stolen. To know this number we have several alternatives. One of them is simply to consult the packaging of our device.

On the box, the IMEI should appear written on a label. This is obviously the simplest method but not the only one since, what happens if we have thrown the box away? In this case we just have to go to the phone settings, more precisely in the About phone> Status section.

Here we can check the IMEI although we also have other alternatives. For this we will simply have to dial the number * # 06 # on the dial of our device. Once this is done and automatically, the IMEI will appear. But perfect, we already know the IMEI of our device. Now, how to know if a Xiaomi phone is original?

Check if your Xiaomi is original

We have an alleged Xiaomi mobile and we know the IMEI number. Now we just have to check originality. Very simple, we just have to access the Xiaomi product authentication page, enter the IMEI and wait for the results.

In case everything is correct, the website will confirm the goodness of the article. In case the IMEI does not correspond to a Xiaomi phone ... it is better to contact the website where we bought it and ask for a refund.

Use the "Mi Verification" application

Given this situation, Xiaomi has launched an application that allows us to check if our terminal is fake or not. It can be downloaded from this link. Once installed, open it and scan.

You will see a QR scanner that you need to scan with another device, or go to and scan it from your terminal. Wait for the application to work its magic and give you the result. If it is negative, go to the seller and return it as soon as possible. You can also use AnTuTu Officer.

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