All weapon upgrades

Wolfenstein the New Order Weapon Upgrade Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here is the guide to maximizing your arsenal.

All weapon upgrades

In Wolfenstein the New Order every weapon has one secondary function which can be unlocked during the campaign. Weapon upgrades can be found in the crates scattered throughout the game levels and in the video below you can see the exact location of each (note: the video refers to a new game, if you replay a chapter the position may vary.)

The following is the list of all weapon upgrades available in the game with indicated the minute of the video showing where to find them in your first game. The most interesting are certainly those relating to the LaserKraftWerk which, properly upgraded, can easily become your ultimate weapon.

minuto 00:06 - upgrade Pistola 1960
minuto 00:35 - upgrade Laser Cutter
minute 00:59 - Laserkraftwerk: automatic
minuto 01:19 - Laserkraftwerk: Reflection
minute 02:00 - Laser power plant: Strobe
minute 02:37 - Laser power plant: Tesla
minuto 02:59 - upgrade Shotgun
minuto 03:15 - Laserkraftwerk: Targeting Scope
minute 03:59 - Laserkraftwerk: portable reactor
minute 05:21 - Assault Rifle upgrade
minute 05:51 - Machine gun upgrade
minute 06:08 - Laserkraftwerk: energy capacity +25

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