Among Us - Character Customization Guide

With the success of the media phenomenon Among Us, registered investigative title Innersloth, hundreds of images of the iconic characters of the opera are depopulated on the internet. These are single-colored astronauts, extremely simple but functional and representative, as well perfect to identify for gameplay purposes thanks to the available colors. However, despite these entering the lobby ready to play, it is possible to customize them properly according to your tastes, changing the colors and also the clothing, as well as several other details. So let's find out together how the personalization of the astronauts of Among Us.

Once you enter the lobby, before the game starts, it is easy to notice a PC placed on one of the tables in the preparation room, which is used to customize the games as explained in our specific guide. However, the first four cards horizontally serve instead to embellish the look of your character. It starts from colore, which cannot be the same as that of other players in the same room, a functional choice for gameplay purposes. Then we find the section dedicated to gadgets, really various, which are updated by the developer from time to time and give a unique and unforgettable look.

We subsequently deal with the pet, pets and pets that take the trouble to accompany the player - remaining on his corpse after death - which are however currently unfortunatelyor available only for a fee, through packages available on the Steam platform and on mobile. As for the details of the play system, these occupy a slightly larger surface and can therefore be counterproductive, even if not by much. Last we have the clothes, not many to be honest, these are often discouraged as they cover a large part of the character and can therefore lead the lobby to confuse the color with others, especially for the less bright shades.

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