Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Farewell - Bonus Episode Review

Anyone who bought the Deluxe Edition by Life is Strange: Before the Storm was able to enjoy today the little joy of playing another episode, bonus. The additional content, accompanied by exclusive clothes and the compilation mode, was in fact included in the special bundle released last summer only in digital version. 

For those who have had the patience to wait until now, all these contents will soon be made available also within the Limited Edition coming in the next few days. This physical version of the title designed specifically for collectors, will also contain an artbook and the disc containing the soundtrack signed by Daughter. In any case, now we are going to analyze the latest release of Deck Nine Games, to evaluate whether or not it is worth buying this variant compared to a very simple one Standard Edition.


After apparently having finished our short adventure inside the stormy adolescence of the young Chloe Price, ours travel back in time it seems to have not yet finished completely, luckily for us. In this case, in fact, we will find ourselves catapulted into an apparently more serene scenario, where we will find again the (almost) inseparable duo composed of Max and Chloe with a few years younger.

Returning once again to wearing the shoes of a Maxine Caufield, but devoid of any supernatural power, we will try to live a day of leisure with our best friend before leaving for Seattle. In search of a pirate treasure linked to their childhood, the two friends will enjoy this one calm before the storm, with an eye to a past where things were simpler. A day like any other that will end up marking their lives forever.

To conclude

Farewell turns out to be a pleasant surprise ma with a bitter aftertaste. Through a story seemingly simplistic we will go to deepen these two iconic characters with a completely new and unprecedented look. The narrative style used inevitably refers to the present atmospheres of the early days of the series, also given the return of Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet of DONTNOD Entertainment to the script. Speaking of returns, for the occasion also the original voice actresses Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch return to lend their voices to our couple of protagonists, bringing that further sense of nostalgia that the work is imbued with.

We will hardly pay attention to the technical realization rather than the plot. The practical part will turn out rather calm and static without posing too many challenges so as not to distract ourselves from the really important things. Exploring will do more than anything else identify with memories of the two and every now and then it will be possible to take some pictures like sort of collectible but nothing more. The intensity with which this story is told is its real strength. The episode it adds nothing new and certainly does not have any kind of claim in this regard, but in any case it still manages to excite and hit the mark. Definitely a worthy conclusion that pays homage in an effective and touching way to a heartbreaking goodbye hitherto remained only implicit; but never really addressed.

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