BenQ EL2870U - Review, 28 ″ UHD HDR screen with FreeSync

BenQ EL2870U - Review, 28 ″ UHD HDR screen with FreeSync

4K is becoming more and more popular: consoles are able to offer their own version, video cards are getting closer and closer to that value, and screens adapt accordingly. Like TVs, 4K monitors can now be found at a good price, too BenQ EL2870U it is an example.


The monitor box comes with the classic brown color package, with all the information about the monitor printed on it. Inside we find power cable and pedestal. Very convenient is the fact that it absolutely does not need screws to be hooked, making it immediately ready for use.

BenQ EL2870U - Review, 28 ″ UHD HDR screen with FreeSync


Aesthetically, the screen has no particular characters, but follows the standard of desktop monitors. The lower band, slightly larger than the other three, contains the monitor management buttons, while on the back the screen is adorned with the classic logo BenQ.

Unfortunately, the screen cannot be tilted more than 15 ° upwards and 5 ° downwards: this, combined with the fact that the TN panel does not help for diagonal viewing of the images, makes the screen usable only from the front.


  • Panel: TN / W-LED, edge array
  • Dimension: 28 ″ 16: 9
  • Resolution: 3840 × 2160 @ 60Hz - 157 PPI
  • Native color depth: 10-bit / sRGB
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Brightness: 300 nits
  • Contrast: 1000: 1
  • Speaker: 2 x 1w
  • Video inputs: DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0
  • Audio: 3.5 mm headphone output
  • Consumption: 26,2 watt
  • Size: 658 x 478 x 198 mm
  • Frame: top / sides 18mm, bottom 25mm
  • Weight5,7 kg

The contrast is slightly lower than that reported, but the annoyance is only seen if you observe images with a lot of blacks. The colors are also not too vivid, except for compatibility with HDR. Finally, the speakers, although they are comfortable in the use of classic sounds, cannot withstand the power of music and films, however requiring external speakers to be attached to the PC.BenQ EL2870U - Review, 28 ″ UHD HDR screen with FreeSync


Not being in the series ZowieIt is clear how this 28-inch LCD Monitor is all about visibility and not performance. Despite this, the screen has a response of 1ms, and in this way manages to be quite handsome for those who want a good monitor. 4K e HDR (which it supports in an excellent way), capable of giving emotions also in terms of gaming. If you are great gamers, perhaps you should aim for a video game monitor, but if you have to do everything else with it, without a shadow of a doubt the BenQ EL2870U it is your case.

We tried it under various experiences: in terms of gaming, the panel makes you appreciate the colors well (if HDR is active), but it makes the most of it when watching movies Blu Ray, especially if 4K (tested with Xbox One X). FreeSync does its job too, helping a lot in terms of vertical sync (but only if you have a Radeon GPU or Xbox One X), while technologies like the Anti-Glare e Eye-Care they also make prolonged use of the monitor comfortable.

The monitor has quite varied customization options: four different blue light filters will adjust the screen according to whether you need to watch a video, browse, work on it or read, while 10 predefined modes (and one 100% customizable) will help you find right setting for any eventuality.


The real highlight of the monitor undoubtedly remains the price. Amazon sells it to 358.99 €, but every now and then it drops in price with last-second offers, making the purchase almost mandatory. At this price you will hardly find anything with these specifications, and for this reason the BenQ EL2870U positions itself as the best 4K monitor for value for money.

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