Corsair Katar PRO XT + MM700 RGB - Review of the XL mouse and pad

There is nothing that can stop the note Corsair (one of the leading companies in the sector of gaming peripherals - and not only -) from producing new products that evolve its lineup and satisfy an increasing amount of players. This time we are dealing with a new one gaming mouse, Corsair Katar PRO XT (which joins the Katar PRO Wireless), together with the XL MM700 RGB pad, perfect for hosting mouse and keyboard during use sessions. We had the opportunity to thoroughly test the two products in question, testing their potential while using the computer and gaming sessions, so let's find out all the details together in the next lines.

The Katar PRO XT mouse

With a minimal design and a lot of potential, the Katar PRO XT looks like a rather elegant gaming mouse, without too many bright LEDs, with the inevitable company logo (this time without RGB) and a total of 6 fully programmable keys. The product adapts immediately to the user's needs right from the first connection, offering the perfect compromise for the plug and play, dedicated to those who do not want - perhaps even only in the short term - to deal with proprietary software, but allows in any case thanks to iCUE the next access to a ton of features. You can immediately adjust the DPI simply with the central button, and program the rest simply within any video game.

The minimal design is perfectly symmetrical, so it neglects neither left-handed nor right-handed users. The product fits perfectly to both Claw and Fingertip sockets (actually it is quite functional even for the most classic Palm), with a featherweight of only 73 grams and an extraordinary resistance, designed to last even over 50 million clicks. The 18.000 DPI sensor it is really precise and is therefore excellent even for competitive sessions of games such as MOBA and frenetic FPS, especially once all the necessary settings have been adjusted via software. Unlike the previous wireless model, the mouse connects to the computer with a really durable USB cable, which also allows you to minimize response times, making the product perfect for the most competitive sessions.

The Corsair Katar PRO XT still wants to adapt to most users, and it is clear that it is therefore not excellent at best in all its functions, but it is one of the best compromises on the market in terms of comfort and functionality. Thanks also to its surprisingly low weight, this allows in the long run not to feel fatigue in long gaming sessions, especially for users with uncomfortable mouse grips.

The XL MM700 RGB pad

With a design that is anything but elegant this time, but really able to surprise users who want flashy workstations, the Corsair XL pad has dimensions of 93cm in length and 40cm in width. This is in fact designed not only to act as a support for the mouse, like the most classic office and gaming mats, but also to support the user's keyboard and wrists (in case the keyboard is obviously not equipped with a palm rest, and the specific mouse grip needs a soft surface during use). The black fabric, with the inevitable Corsair writing is however surrounded by RGB LEDs, which allow you to connect the device to your computer to create superlative lighting effects.

As for the mouse, it is possible to simply take advantage of the plug and play function, thus powering the item with a computer or a USB socket without using the software in any way, with the possibility of adjust the RGB from the appropriate controller located in the upper right part, while still obtaining a fair amount of possibilities when it comes to RGB lighting. In the event that the coupling takes place with a computer through a USB 3.0, the aforementioned controller even allows you to connect two additional USB devices, a tremendously convenient feature that allows you to double a port thanks to the MM700 RGB pad, and not to “lose” one as it would normally happen.

Speaking of the fabric, we can confirm that this is perfect for holding the keyboard steady, but at the same time also for moving the mouse comfortably, even for several hours. In addition, the lightly padded rubber surface (4mm) offers a premium and comfortable feel in contact with the user's wrists. The external seams, obviously necessary, are not particularly annoying, especially when compared to other similar products on the market, and the size of the mat allows you to avoid them in any case by positioning your setup differently.

A winning Corsair duo, thanks also to iCUE

We obviously haven't forgotten about the true pearl that unites these two devices, completing their offer and making them adaptable to thousands of uses. Let's talk about deCorsair iCUE software, one of the most complete on the market, which allows you to take advantage of many more features for both devices. As far as the XL MM700 RGB pad is concerned, many light parameters such as brightness can be changed, then going to illuminate each area differently to create completely customizable effects, with a simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to get the desired results with very little work.

If obviously for the carpet it is only possible to modify the lights placed at the edges, the situation changes completely for the mouse. iCUE allows you to first change the only RGB present (under the wheel), but also leaves room for many more features. You go from setting specific commands, real macros tremendously intuitive to create and easy to implement (procedures such as movements and key presses), which also allow you to start longer or shorter loops and stall times defined between one input and the next. All buttons can then be customized to offer additional functions of all kinds, but you can also decide to indulge yourself with the DPI settings, or meticulously calibrate the surface on which you use the mouse.

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