Best iPhone keyboard apps

Best iPhone keyboard apps

The iPhone's built-in keyboard may not appeal to everyone and that's why we have decided to write a list with the best keyboard apps for iPhone. The official iPhone keyboard has a limited amount of GIFs, the autocorrect can be hit and miss, and you can't change the size of the keys to fit the larger and smaller iPhone models.

Even with the release of iOS 14, the only benefit offered by the latest software update is the ability to search for emojis, nothing else. Meanwhile, Android phone owners have been enjoying some of the best third-party Android keyboard apps for quite some time.

For years Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy, and others have taken on the role of default keyboards on millions of Android smartphones, as iPhone owners watched with envy. Since June 2014, iPhone owners have been downloading alternative iOS keyboards like crazy.

Here are our picks for the best iPhone keyboards. The best keyboard apps for iPhone! There iOS keyboard has evolved a lot in recent years. With each new iOS update, new features are added to the stock keyboard.

In this article we want to talk about best third-party iPhone keyboards, downloadable from the Apple Store. Let's see what the best free iPhone keyboards.

Best iPhone keyboard apps

Best iPhone keyboard apps

1. SwiftKey iPhone keyboard (Best iPhone keyboard app)

In my opinion, SwiftKey is currently the best third-party keyboard for iOS that you can find. It provides good text prediction, supports many languages, two of them can be activated at the same time, supports typing and scrolling, and gives quick access to emojis.

With your permission, it can learn from your SMS, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and RSS feeds to improve the accuracy of its predictions. You can create a SwiftKey Account and log in from multiple devices so that all of your iOS devices can use your custom text prediction without having to go through the learning process again.

The free Swiftkey keyboard is available for free for iOS. There are many themes available, some free and some paid.

2. NinType Keyboard ($4.99)

It's a bit difficult to describe NinType. You can use it to type super fast using dual slide keyboards, get full color letters and lines, calculator, word predictions and suggestions, tons of customization, scroll cursor, erase and more.

This keyboard for me is the best keyboard for iOS. There are a lot of customizations. Turn your iPhone or iPad into a highly productive device where you can actually write emails, reports and articles very quickly, because you can write faster on iPad and iPhone like most people do with a desktop keyboard! You should try it!

3. Blink Keyboard (Free)

As the iPhone screen gets bigger and bigger, writing with one hand becomes more difficult. If you belong to the little finger tribe like me, maybe you need Keyboard Blink.

In addition to the usual benefits that can be found on other keyboards, a special feature of this keyboard is the ability to adjust the size of the keyboard to accommodate one-handed typing. You can also split the keyboard left and right and have the numeric keypad in the center. The Blink keyboard is more than just a keyboard.

It can also enter quick text by long-pressing the space bar, quickly deleting the word instead of the letter using the key Word in the upper right corner of the keyboard, enter alternate characters by long pressing or swiping down on a character, quickly move the cursor by sliding your finger on the first row of characters, and more. A multifunctional keyboard for iOS!

4. Gboard (Free)

Gboard is Google's keyboard for iPhone it is different from the other keyboards you are used to using. With this keyboard no need to jump between apps to share links, videos, GIFs or anything else on the internet.

Essentially, the keyboard integrates Google Search, which means you can search for a place, articles, images or GIFs or even an emoji and instantly share them with the person you're talking to, without having to leave the application you're in. Nice is not it?

Changing iPhone keyboards has never been easier, Gboard is a perfect combination of Google keyboard and Google Now functions. The application is available for free for iPhone and iOS. For the moment what do you think of the best keyboard apps for iPhone!

5. TouchPal Keyboard (Free)

TouchPal focuses on the fun side of typing. She is one of the top 6 finalists of Techcrunch Disrupts. It features customizable themes, predictions with more than 800 emojis. With TouchPal Curve® technology, you can swipe from letter to letter to form a word, without lifting a finger!

You can also swipe up for numbers and swipe down for symbols. Slide left to delete an entire word. Touch with your eyes closed and save more than 90% of keystrokes thanks to prediction technology. The keyboard learns your writing style and predicts more accurately.

6. Typiora (Free)

Typiora stands as a powerful one keyboard extension. Some of the features are: move the space bar to move the cursor, move to delete (or add move to delete forward), slide the shift key to change the character and one-handed keyboard mode.

IMHO, the coolest feature of this keyboard is the ability to add and customize links like brb (back right), omw (on my way), email # (email addresses you type often), phone # (phone numbers you type in often), etc.

You can also enjoy amazing effects within the Typiora keyboard. And of course, you can create your own effect and share it with your friends!

7. Flexi + GIF Keyboard (Free)

This is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone. If your goal is to type faster, maybe you should give Fleksy a try. This keyboard claims to have the world record for typing speed, thanks to its powerful self-correction. It also supports multiple themes, gestures, and keyboard layouts.

The app detects sequences of finger positions instead of the letters you hit, so you can even better predict your words even if you hit all the wrong letters.

Fleksy allows users to install extensions to add more capabilities to their arsenal. Some of the available extensions are: scrollable cursor, additional number line, one-hand typing mode, and hotkeys (shortcuts).

You can customize keyboard shortcuts with things you type often like email address, web URL, hashtag, and even symbols. You can add multiple languages ​​to help Fleksy predict your words, but you have to manually switch between languages ​​by moving the space bar left or right.

8. Keymoji: Emoji Keyboard (Free)

Often a thought is best demonstrated in the form of an image. That's why people use emoji - especially with mobile devices where conversations are full of emotion and you speak in short sentences. Keymoji wants to take the emoji universe to the next level by making using emojis fun and easy.

In addition to translating text into emojis, Keymoji also allows users to make emoji phrases and compete with other users around the world to find new emoji phrases. You can send your Keymojis, Emoji Arts and Emoji Songs via the Keymoji key. There is the ranking of the most popular Keymojis. You can also search for Keymoji to collect them. A emoji keyboard really nice!

13. Gifmoji – emoji animated gif keyboard (Free)

Gifmoji is one funny keyboard which allows you to use animated GIF images to write your messages. There are many images you can use and the collection is constantly growing. When it comes to animated GIFs and emojis, Gifmoji favors quality and quantity.

That's why the Gifmoji keyboard includes only the best animated GIFs, no banner ads, no in-app purchases, no watermarks and no registration requirements! It doesn't matter what your phone number or email address is. Gifmoji - emoji animated gif keyboard is definitely one of the best keyboards for iPhone!

This is the list of best iPhone keyboard apps for the most part free. Which keyboard do you use?

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