Clash Royale - Guide to the Goblin Giant, tips and decks

    Clash Royale - Guide to the Goblin Giant, tips and decks

    lately Supercell he is focusing on creating cards that are as original as mechanics: we have seen the Grunts, the Rascals and now we find ourselves observing something that embodies the exaggeration. And that's not a joke, since the Giant Goblin embodies in all respects the card that you would not want to find yourself against.Clash Royale - Guide to the Goblin Giant, tips and decks

    Going in order, let's first look at the characteristics of this card: the Goblin Giant is a level tank Epic, who aims at structures like his colleagues with high life points such as Golem and Giant. So where is the difference? If the enemy deploys a tank, one of the most adopted solutions to counter it is to deploy an air unit to counter it, such as the Infernal Dragon or a bunch of Minions or Bats will do their job very well. But this time Supercell says "No!" and prevents us from adopting this technique and not only, and here lies the exaggeration we mentioned earlier: the Goblin Giant carries on his back two Goblin Lancers, which will target the other units in range, and these will remain invulnerable until the greenish colossus will not be shot down!Clash Royale - Guide to the Goblin Giant, tips and decks

    The technical design of this unit makes it truly overwhelming, and for once we can say almost 100% that the Goblin Giant will be the strongest card ever. This of course only from the theoretical point of view, since if used without knowledge of the facts it will naturally be wasted. The presence of the two little ones will therefore allow you to effectively counter all the small troops that will aim to damage the beast, so say goodbye to Minions, Bats and even the Skeletons, while for the Infernal Dragon the simple support of a Zap will suffice. So let's define how to use the Goblin Giant and later we see some decks where we could use it at its best.Clash Royale - Guide to the Goblin Giant, tips and decks

    The Goblin Giant, with its cost of 6 Elixirs, was born as tank attack but if used well it can be applied in defensive strategies. For the positioning in attack nothing to say different from a Giant or Royal Giant, the operation is almost identical; a damage card such as Aries to deal double damage to the tower or most cards that deal ranged damage (especially Magic Archer, Sorcerer, or Executioner) synergize best with our trusted Shrek.

    On the contrary, in defense it can be exploited when it is necessary to block single elements that can bring direct damage to the tower, such as a Knight or an Outlaw, since while the Giant Goblin will tank the damage, his little henchmen will damage the unit. With this, however, we must not forget the cost of the card, since 6 Elixir in defense is a more than huge cost.Clash Royale - Guide to the Goblin Giant, tips and decks

    Below, we look at two examples of decks with related explanations:

    • Executioner
    • Bats
    • Goblin gang
    • Giant Goblin
    • Horde of minions
    • Magic Archer
    • Battle ram
    • Download

    The strategy of this deck is to aim for overwhelming damage: as the first-combo Goblin Giant deploy followed by Aries, time they reach their destination and the Elixir will have recharged in time to apply a Support Shock. If, on the other hand, you want to push slowly, you place the Goblin Giant near your base, when you arrive at the allied tower, you line up behind the Magic Archer and finally wait to deploy the Aries: the assault will be decidedly slower, but if nothing else will have an additional source of damage at a distance and the possibility of being able to keep the discharge to clean from any defensive groups.


    • black Knight
    • Giant Goblin
    • Trunk
    • Mega Minion
    • Poison
    • Cavaliere
    • Download
    • Electric wizard

    This other deck instead offers a less aggressive set-up in favor of greater control. Giant Goblin and Knight to do damage, the inevitable Download of support inserted together with the very valid alternative of the Trunk; at the defensive level between the Black Knight, the Electric Wizard and Poison there will be no problems in controlling any assaults with multiple units. The only threat could be heavy tanks like Lava Hound or Golem, and you will need to protect your Mega Minion to ensure that such an assault is foiled.

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