Demon's Souls - Complete guide to all trophies and Platinum

Back Demon's Souls in Remake version for PlayStation 5 thanks to the work of Bluepoint games, and the hunt for trophies for the conquest of the coveted platinum begins. In this guide we will show you which trophies you need to win and what to do, for a total of 22 Bronze, 9 Silver, 5 Gold e 1 Platinum.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Demon's Souls, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

Demon's Souls Bronze Trophies

Falange trophy - Defeat the Demon Phalanx. You have to beat the demon boss Phalanx in the Boletaria Palace of Demon's Souls. Once the shields protecting him are destroyed, he will become vulnerable to your attacks.

Trophy of the Knight of the Tower - Defeat the demon Knight of the Tower. Also in the Boletaria Palace you will face the second boss. Give a first blow to the ankles of the giant Knight of the Tower to start weakening him, then go up to the balcony and kill the guards, go back down and keep hitting his ankles, until he falls to the ground and then finishes him by hitting him on the head.

Trophy of the Trapassatore - Defeat the Trapper Demon. Third boss in the Boletaria Palace. This demon is quite agile and wags his sword continuously. Protect yourself behind the statues and hit him from behind.

False King Trophy - Defeat the False King demon. Fourth and final boss in Boletaria's Palace. It is a boss who attacks continuously and uses ranged attacks, including the special attack that will suck your soul. Hit and move away constantly, better if you hit him from behind.

Trophy of the Armored Spider - Defeat the Armored Spider Demon. You will find this giant spider in the Stonefang Tunnels. It will throw fire and flammable slime at you, it will attack you with its paws, you hit the claw all the time. After beating him, you will find the hands of God weapons needed to defeat the demon God Dragon.

Trophy of the Flaming - Defeat the Flaming Demon. Always in the Stonefang Tunnels. This boss is vulnerable to ranged attacks because he does not have great defenses to magic, however, stay away because he is strong in close combat.

Trophy of the Dragon God - Defeat the demon God Dragon. Third and final boss in the Stonefang Tunnels. The weapons at your disposal will not scratch it, you will need The Hands of God that you will find after defeating the spider. You can instead use the very effective ballistae. However, it would be preferable to kill him without the help of ballistae because in this way you will also get the trophy Fists of the Legend which you will need to get the Platinum.

False Idol Trophy - Defeat the False Idol demon. You will be near the Latria Tower. This boss constantly resurrects, so kill his minion upstairs.

Mangiauomini Trophy - Defeat the Man Eater Demon. You are in the Latria Tower. Try to give him as little life as possible, because a second opponent will come to his aid, and fighting with both of them will be a little more complicated.

Trophy of the Old Monk - Defeat the Old Monk demon. Last boss of the Latria Tower. Just before he dies, he will wrap a summoned black ghost in golden robes and hurl it at you. If you play online the ghost can be a player who used the Black Eye stone at that time, if you are offline, the black ghost will be an NPC.

Referee Trophy - Defeat the Arbiter demon. To beat him you have to hit the crow perched on the head.

Trophy of the Old Hero - Defeat the Old Hero demon. This boss is blind, so move slowly behind him and hit him.

Trophy of the King of Storms - Defeat the demon King of the Storms. Fighting with this boss in a melee will be practically useless, better to use distance attacks. In the area of ​​the battle you will find the Lady of the storms, it is a sword whose air slashes inflict great damage.

Leech Trophy - Defeat the Leech Demon. This boss recovers health by taking the leech orbs from the mud, he will also throw them at you and slow you down.

Trophy of the Unclean Colossus - Defeat the Fiend Colossus Unclean. It is a sufficiently challenging boss as it is very resistant to attacks and deals heavy damage. Try to avoid its flies.

Astraea Trophy - Defeat the Demon Astraea. If you defeat Garl, Astraea will commit suicide in desperation, offering her soul to the player. If, on the other hand, after killing Garl, you immediately attack Astraea, she will reply using a miracle that develops a powerful shockwave.

Comrades - Defeat the Trapassatore along with Biorr. If before facing this boss you have freed the NPC Biorr from the dungeons, he will help you to defeat the Trapassatore.

Fists of legend - Defeat the Dragon God with the Hands of God. It is resolved by defeating the boss with the Hands of God weapons, which you found after defeating the Armored Spider in the Stonefang Tunnels.

A pinch of wisdom - Save Sage Freke, the Visionary. You must be on the Latria Tower and save this NPC.

Umbasa - Save the Holy Urbain. You have to save one of the Demon's Souls NPCs.

A sea of ​​possibilities - Give the Burning Demon Soul to the blacksmith ED. You must defeat the Searing Demon and deliver his soul to the ED blacksmith.

Witch in the tower - Save Yuria the Witch. You have to save an NPC.

Silver Trophies

Get back in shape - Help a player defeat a boss. Enter another player's world and help him defeat any boss.

Unwelcome Guest - Defeat a player as an invader. Invade another player's world and defeat him.

One will fall - Defeat the Knight of the Tower without killing any crossbowmen. The title of the mission is clear, defeat the boss without killing the enemy crossbowmen.

Time to roll - Cross the Latria walkway through the idol's barrage of arrows. You will have to cross the catwalk and escape unscathed from the barrage of enemy arrows.

Not deceived - Defeat the False Idol without ever hitting one of its clones. Defeat the boss without hitting his clones.

One will remain standing - Defeat the Referee without ever making him fall. Try to kill the boss without hitting the crow and the sword stuck in his belly, because that way he won't fall to the ground.

May you remain unharmed - Defeat Astraea without killing Garl Vinland. You will remember that to get the Astraea Trophy you have to kill Garl, in this way Astraea will take his own life. For this trophy instead you have to kill her without eliminating Garl.

Worthy of the sword - Give the Makoto to Satsuki. You must give Satsuki the Makoto sword.

One of the few - Get Istarelle. You have to find the halberd called Istarelle, to find it follow our guide.

Gold Trophies

Seek the power of the soul - Embrace the power of the Ancient. Before entering the final boss fight, save your game and then kill the girl dressed in black. You will have unlocked a trophy, then reload the game data and face the final battle without killing it.

Legacy of kings - Get the Northern Insignia. It can only be unlocked in the second time you complete the game, as the first time you will have to have three items, which are the soul of the False King, the Soulbrandt, a sword that you will receive by defeating the False King and the Demonbrandt, which you will get following a series of steps.

Wise man's trophy - Obtain all spells. Find all the spells.

Trophy of the saint - Get all miracles. Find all miracles.

King of the rings - Get all the rings. Find all 30 rings with the help of our guide.

Demon's Souls Platinum Trophy

Trophy Slayer - Get all trophies. When you get all the trophies, you will receive the most precious platinum.

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