Free IPTV app to eliminate cables

So you have decided to cut the cables and are now looking for the best free IPTV apps? You have landed in the right place, in the article you will find the 9 best free IPTV apps around. With the growing popularity of IPTV services, it can be difficult to know where to start. In addition to having a stable, reliable and secure IPTV provider to help you replace your traditional cable TV service, you also need to understand which are the best IPTV apps.

Unlike traditional TV, there is no single way to watch IPTV and this makes it much more attractive to the consumer.
The phrase "content when and where you want" is a reality with IPTV. You can see your favorite content from your Smart TV, computer, tablet, phone among others and all you need is Internet access. Is not it fantastic?

This is why we researched and tested to determine our list of the 9 best applications for IPTV, comparing them to find out which one is the most appropriate based on each customer's needs. Realizing that there are multiple devices, platforms and formats to choose from, there is no application that is the best of all unanimously, but these 9 are excellent.

The order in which we list the apps does not correspond to a position within a ranking. We have grouped the different apps according to the use that you can use them on the different devices on which you can configure our service. The best alternatives to IPTV Extreme.

Free IPTV Spain app to eliminate cables

1. IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters Pro is an application designed to work with any Smart TV but with special support for the Samsung and LG brands. This app also works great on Android based devices.

We can tell you that when an app is designed to work with a particular platform or format, it generally works much better with its specialization than those applications with broad compatibility. If you have a Smart TV from the brands you mention, this app is undoubtedly the best option for you.

Note that we are not suggesting IPTV Smarters Pro as the easiest app to use or the most complete app in terms of functionality and features, but we are just saying that this app works very well on these devices.

As for the user experience, it is not an application with a very nice or intuitive interface, but it will not suffer from coding errors that usually occur in other Smart TV oriented applications.

In conclusion, this application is very stable and supported by the vast majority of popular Smart TVs on the market today, which makes it an option you must try if you have a Smart TV.


SS IPTV is another application focused on playing IPTV content directly on any Smart TV. It is a multipurpose player for viewing videos on the local network or via the Internet. The application easily integrates with IPTV operators and also supports user playlists.

It allows you to edit channel lists via the web, which is very useful for those who want to reorder the distribution of channels according to their use.

Your TV isn't smart without a TV Box or HDMI Stick device

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Don't worry if you don't have a Smart TV. There are devices that allow you to turn your TV into Smart without having to buy a new TV. The most common and best performing devices on the market to turn your TV into a Smart TV are Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, among others.

These devices work by connecting them to any HDMI port on the TV and allow the installation of applications by turning the TV into an electronic tablet with internet access or they work simply as receivers and can stream the content of the IPTV app from the mobile phone to the TV through your Wifi.

The option to stream content from any Android or iOS mobile device allows you to select from more apps than are available for Smart TVs. With this in mind, we have selected the apps that performed best among the most popular TV Boxes and HDMI Sticks.


VLC Media Player is arguably the oldest application on our list, but that by no means means it's not up to date. In fact, VLC is one of the most powerful applications we've seen and is arguably one of the most comprehensive media players on the market with the ability to play a wide range of file formats including television, music, movies, and images. 

However, with such a wide range of features and functionality, not to mention pretty wide compatibility, VLC isn't the easiest app to use. What really makes VLC one of the best apps available for watching IPTV is its enormous breadth of compatibility.

Key features include the ability to transmit to any network-connected HDMI key, allowing you to change the video format, audio track, subtitles, among many other useful features.

One thing you can play against this app is that the user interface can be a little simple and unlike any other media player. Of course, if you have a certain level of knowledge of the technology, you can always customize most of VLC's features even more than most applications that have wide-ranging customization options.

VLC is undoubtedly an excellent option to cast from your mobile device or computer to any HDMI stick.

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4. IPTV Pro

IPTV Pro is a fairly simple application to set up and use, with a simple but intuitive user interface and with great stability, especially for streaming live TV from mobile devices to the HDMI stick.

Although its interface is simple, it offers many useful functions such as changing the audio track for movies and series, choosing the subtitle language, switching the playback definition between SD, HD and FHD for those multi-definition content, and changing the video format. , among other things.

The PRO version of this application is very stable with no additions and provides native support for Cast on Google Chromecast. This makes it the ideal app for anyone with a Chromecast at home. There is also the free version of this application which has excellent performance but the PRO version is definitely worth buying. This app also has a version for Smart TV.

5. Wiseplay

Wiseplay is a free and cross-platform media player, compatible with many video formats and playlists. Thanks to the simple graphical interface it is very easy to play local videos and videos hosted on remote servers.

You can cast content from a mobile device to a TV using DLNA or Chromecast as long as the video format is supported. The icons will appear automatically when compatible devices are found on the same network.

To offer its users greater value, Wiseplay is actually a full-featured media center just like Windows Media Player or any other media player on this list. 

What separates the Wiseplay media player from others is the fact that it has been designed from the ground up to be used by smart devices which allows Wiseplay to work more effectively and easily with smart devices than media players originally developed for use in computer. If you've ever tried to customize some of the features with VLC on your smartphone, chances are you already have a good idea why this is a significant upgrade.

Additionally, Wiseplay was developed for the two major mobile operating systems (Android / iOS), so it doesn't really prioritize one platform over the other, although it does offer some extended features for Android users.

That said, Wiseplay has very good performance and reputation on iOS devices, and any limitations it might have with this platform have been imposed by Apple to keep control over its smart devices. 

Regardless of the platform used, the ease with which a playlist can be loaded and managed, as well as the wide variety of supported file formats ensure that Wiseplay is an excellent choice for both IPTV and personal multimedia content.

6. GSE Smart IPTV

Not everyone who has made the switch to an IPTV service has done so with the intention of using it on traditional television. In fact, it's becoming more and more common for people to often leave the big screen behind, preferring to stick with smartphones and tablets instead. This is where the GSE Smart IPTV app comes in handy as it has been designed from the ground up for smart devices more than with other types of hardware.

That said, it's surprising that GSE Smart IPTV is moving much harder in the Apple market and away from the Android market, but its original base allows for easy and intuitive use for quite some time. However, it is worth noting that GSE Smart IPTV does not support all existing file formats, so make sure your IPTV service is using the correct file format before trying to use this player.

7. Lazy IPTV Android

While some apps may lean more towards one operating system or another, be it Linux or Apple based, or a general platform or another, Lazy IPTV has focused on providing the best IPTV experience for Android users above all else. .

This does not mean that Lazy IPTV is only compatible with Android devices, but it is certainly more effective, functional and stable on Android devices than Apple products with almost double the difference in user score compared to the two. platforms.

However, the main focus of Lazy IPTV, as the name suggests, is that it is mostly very easy to use for Android users. This mainly starts with the playlist functionality which not only can read M3U files as expected but also supports numerous other playback formats. 

That said, this isn't all exclusive in itself, but the fact that Lazy IPTV is one of the most effective applications we've seen in auto-updating playlists.

8. Kodi

For those who are addicted to Apple devices, we recommend using Kodi. While this application does not limit its functionality to other operating systems, much of its core functionality is designed to work on Apple devices.

Although Kodi is a more difficult application to set up than the more popular Android based options, this is due to the fact that it is an open source project, which means that it is free for anyone to take the source code and modify or add it. same.

As such, Kodi has a large number of plugins and plugins to provide even more functionality than most other applications. This actually lets you customize Kodi in some great ways that few apps can match, even if all of the customization options have to be designated by the user. Get more information about this app here.

9. Plex

Outside of the apps on our list, Plex and Kodi are potentially the closest direct competitors we've seen. This certainly has more to do with its compatibility than its features, but the fact is that Plex is fast becoming one of the best apps on the market today. In fact, it's not the sleek new design or any UI that really sets Plex apart, but its programming options that really put us on our list.

One thing to remember when broadcasting live TV is that not everyone uses the same protocols, file formats, and any number of encrypted options. This means you can accidentally get the wrong application for the specific streaming Latin IPTV service which makes the user experience not the best. 

Fortunately, Plex aims to address some of these problems by providing transcoding options beyond what most of its competitors are willing or able to offer. For example, Plex has the ability to transcode media files on the fly so you don't have to wait to see the content.

A great example of this is your library which can include content stored on your hard drive, flash memory, or even the cloud. Unlike many other players, Plex is able to fully integrate all these different sources into a single "library" that can be accessed from any device connected to Plex. This means that you don't have to face the problem of constantly creating everything even when you change a new device or use a different type of storage; everything works.

It's worth noting that Plex isn't a free service, so it definitely pays off in comparison to free alternatives on the market. However, paying for a service has its advantages as Plex offers quality service and support rather than waiting for you to go through the online documentation to understand the solution and employ it yourself. Get more information about this app here.

The best free IPTV apps conclusion

Ultimately, the best IPTV Player application will largely depend on the platform each user will view the IPTV content on. While Android and Windows are quite inclusive, Apple's products are a little harder to select. Depending on the devices, all the apps on our list are great options but Kodi for Apple devices and Wiseplay and Lazy IPTV are perfect for Android. 

Of course, if you're a little more tech-savvy and want an incredibly powerful media center that can also support IPTV streaming or downloads, VLC and Plex are your best options.

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