Green TV screen, causes and solutions

A green screen on television can be very annoying, especially when you are deeply involved in your favorite TV show or series. This is one of the most frustrating problems that many Smart TV owners face at one time or another.

There are several causes of a TV showing a green screen. Some causes of green TV screen include:

  • Fault with the cable connection
  • Image settings
  • Hardware problem
  • Magnetic interference from speakers
  • Temporary failure or bug

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Green TV screen solutions

A green screen displayed on the TV does not mean that the TV is broken or defective. When trying to troubleshoot a TV with a green screen, you need to be very careful, especially if you intend to open the TV.

You don't have to panic when this problem occurs, you can fix it using one of these methods.

1. Check the power source and cable connection

Checking the TV's power source and cable connection should always be the first step when there are problems with the TV. Check for loose or faulty cables. Check for dark marks around the cable that could indicate a damaged cable.

If possible, connect the TV to a completely different power source. For example, if your TV is in the living room, try plugging it into your bedroom. If the TV works in another room, you probably have problems with your power source or other electronic devices that are interfering with your television. 

2. Switch the TV off and on again

A green screen could be caused by temporary TV failures or bugs. This can be easily remedied by switching the TV off and on again. To perform this procedure properly, completely turn off and disconnect the TV from the power source.

Wait a few minutes, it takes more or less 10-15 minutes. Connect the TV's power cord to the power source and turn on the TV.

If the problem was caused by temporary failures or bugs on the TV, this method will fix the TV green screen problem. Check the screen to confirm if the problem is resolved.

3. Resolve the TV green screen problem by resetting the TV

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solution methods and the problem persists, you should consider doing a factory data reset. It is important to note that this method should be the last solution to be performed.

Also, you should make sure that you have properly backed up all data and settings on your TV before doing the factory data reset. This is because after the reset, all data will be lost as the TV will revert to its default settings.

Don't worry, this method has over 85% success in solving almost any software problem on television. To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. Get your TV remote, make sure it is in good condition before starting the process. Once confirmed, click Settings. Scroll to General.

2. From the list of options displayed in the TV settings, scroll to the reset option. When you find the restore option, click on it.

3. The TV will ask you for the PIN to ensure that the TV is not tampered with by other people. Enter the PIN and click on the reset option.

4. You will need to wait a few minutes for the TV to complete the factory data reset process. When the reset is complete, the TV will turn off and turn on by itself.

Once the process is complete, check if the green screen problem is resolved, if not, you have no choice but to take the TV to a specialized technician or buy a new TV.

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