Guide to all the Dark Ops challenges of COD Black OPS 3

    Guide to ALL Dark Ops challenges of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    Guide to all the Dark Ops challenges of COD Black OPS 3


    Here are the toughest challenges in the game.

    Guide to all the Dark Ops challenges of COD Black OPS 3

    Call of Duty Black OPS 3's Dark Ops Challenges are hidden challenges in multiplayer and zombie modes which are not revealed until they are completed. Completing a Dark Ops challenge will earn you a special calling card every time.

    Guide to all the Dark Ops challenges of COD Black OPS 3An important tip to keep in mind if you plan on completing all Dark Ops challenges is complete the "fresh start" challenge first as this requires you to reset all stats when you reach a Prestige. As you surely already know with the Prestige you restart from level 1 of the player after reaching level 55 (maximum) and with this reset (called "Fresh Start") in addition to the level, everything else is reset to zero (weapons and accessories unlocked, etc) with the sole exclusion of items obtained from the black market. The Fresh Star also resets any progress you have made in Dark Ops challenges, which is why I recommend doing this challenge first.

    Having made this necessary premise, let's see what all the Call of Duty Black OPS 3 Dark Ops challenges are and what you need to do to complete them:


    1. Obtained: Obtain the Dark Matter camouflage by unlocking the Diamonds camouflage for all weapons in the game (follow the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 camouflage guide for more help).
    2. 100 Percenter: Complete 100% of the multiplayer challenges.
    3. Trick Shot: destroy an HC-XD with the Combat Ax.
    4. Dr. Lung: kill an enemy underwater when you are both close to drown.
    5. Relentless Killer: Earn the Relentless Medal (20 kills without dying).
    6. Brutal Killer: Earn the Brutal Medal (25 kills without dying).
    7. Nuclear Killer: Earn the Nuclear Medal (30 kills without dying).
    8. Nuked Out: Earn the Nuclear Medal in FFA without using the kill streak rewards.
    9. Finish The Job: kill an enemy that has survived damage done by 5 of your teammates in the same life.
    10. Calamity: kill an entire team of 6 or more players in a short time with a Specialist's weapon.
    11. Frenzy Killer: Earn the Frenzy Kill medal (5 quick kills).
    12. Super Killer: Earn the Super Kill Medal (6 Quick Kills).
    13. Mega Killer: Earn the Mega Kill Medal (7 Quick Kills).
    14. Ultra Killer: Earn the Ultra Kill medal (8 quick kills).
    15. Chain Killer: Earn the Kill Chain medal (9 plus quick kills).
    16. Fresh Start: perform the "Fresh Start" reset.

    Zombies mode

    1. Deresurrectionist: reach Deressurectionist (Level 35).
    2. Apocalypse Averted: In Shadows Of Evil, help others.

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