Halo 4 - Codes to unlock the Raider armor

Halo 4 - Codes to unlock the Raider armor


The avid Halo community has already managed to decrypt the sequence of information disseminated in various ways by the development team of Halo 4 which lead to different unlockables in the game.

Putting together the various glyphs collected, in fact, we arrived at codes that allow you to unlock the Raider Armor through Halo Waypoint in Halo 4. Before seeing how to proceed to unlock this particular armor, I remind you that the guide is available to unlock all the other armors, visors, etc ...

For the Raider armor set:

- First of all, finish three missions in Spartan Ops mode
- now download Halo Waypont from the game menu, then press Start, X, X to get to the screen where you enter the codes
- the codes to be entered are shown in this image, but also in the following video

Following the procedure shown in the video, with the codes you will unlock the various pieces of armor and also a prize for your avatar:

Raider 1: torso  + 500 XP
Raider 2: shoulder straps + 500 XP
Raider Helmet: helmet + 500 XP
They 1: 5,000 XP + Emblema ONI + Concept Art
Wiseguy: 2,000 XP + Emblema + Concept Art [Prerequisite: in order to unlock this you will need to have found all the terminals first. Follow the our guide to find them all]


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