Harry Potter Wizards Unite: all spells, their effects and how to cast them

Undoubtedly Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a highly anticipated game by all fans of the universe that JK Rowling created, this game offers you the chance to enjoy all the magic of augmented reality books and movies on our phones, a wonderful game that sooner or later we will all try.

Today we want to show you a fundamental part of the magic of Harry Potter Wizard Unite: its spells. Through this guide we will show you all the available spells, how to cast them and what effects each of them has.

When you start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you become a new member of the Working Group on the Statute of Secrecy. After that appointment, you need to go out on dangerous roads where we will meet different creatures and objects that have changed their status or place a because of an evil force.

This is where the spells appear, the tools that will allow you to complete the tasks that arise as you walk around the city. For example, if you want to return the object you just found its original shape, you need to cast the corresponding spell with a precise movement of the magic wand, the same if you want to defeat the opponent with whom you will fight.

You will not be able to cast all the spells you want, you will depend on the energy of the spell. For each of the tricks performed, the energy will decrease until it is completely consumed. Don't worry, you can replace it with the food and drink available in the inns.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: all spells, their effects and how to cast them

Spells in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are made by finger movements on the touch screen of our phones, so we show with drawings the movements we need to perform to perform the spells:

  • Accio: allows you to call up objects with the wand, drawing them towards you.

  • Aguamenti: To attack the enemy with waves of water, until they are trapped inside a sphere.

  • alohomora: unlocks a target (doors, locks, windows…). It is a spell that opens magically sealed doors.

  • Momentum shutdown: is the formula of a spell that can be used to slow the fall of an object or a person or to reduce the speed of a target.

  • bombard: detonates a target with a small explosion, is the formula of an explosive spell that generates small and controllable explosions, generally used to create openings or clear a passage.

  • Fight Bolt: offensive generic offensive in the form of lightning.

  • Diffindo: cut a target, is a spell used to cut something precisely and accurately.

  • Ebublio: catch a target in a bubble.

  • I await a guardian: the only defense against dementors. is a spell that evokes a Patronus (plural Patrons), a force with positive energy and half tangible that catalyzes some happy memories of the summoning magician and generally acts as a protection from dark creatures, such as the Dementors and in rare cases from the Lethifolds.

  • Finite: stops other spells, it is a counter spell that ends the effect of any spell.

  • Overturning: offensive spell that repels the target.

  • Incendo: light fire, is a spell that causes flames to appear.

  • Meteolojinx Recanto: spell that is used to modify the time.

  • Riddikkulus: spell that is used when we face a Boggart and make them change shape, it is the formula of a spell that renders a Boggart harmless.


Up to here all the spells present in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that we know so far. It should be noted that the game itself will show you the movements of the wands needed for each of them, although you can practice by looking at the pictures above.

Once trained and ready, we have to wait for Niantic to officially launch the game. It won't take much longer, since should arrive this summer to repeat the success of Pokémon GO.

Download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite [We Tried It]

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