How to block adult sites on any Android device

How block adult sites on any Android device, if you buy an Android smartphone for your children, you need the best parental control for smartphones right away. If your child is using the internet, she has a lot of chances of becoming addicted to adult sites and social networking sites.

It's okay if they use social networking sites (more or less), but if there is adult content, parents need to be careful and do something to prevent their kids from seeing adult-only pictures and videos.

With advancing technology and increasing use of the Internet, everyone is using a smartphone today. If you are young or adult you are aware of the use you can do with your phone. But there are also children who have their first experiences with their smartphones and with the Internet.

In this article, you will learn how to block unwanted sites on Android and how to block unwanted sites for children. So how can we keep our children away from adult-only content? Now we will talk about some applications with which we are able to block adult content permanently on your children's Android smartphones.

How to block adult sites on any Android device

1. Parent Control & App Lock

Parent Control & App Lock is a powerful Android application that blocks pornography. The application is free to use and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You can easily block an adult website and any other adult application if it is installed on your smartphone.

This application blocks the web browser including Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc on your Android device. It allows you to browse the Internet via the default Android browser.

2. Usare OpenDNS Family Shield

Since OpenDNS is not an Android app, it is one of the best ways to block inappropriate content. You can use this method by changing the default DNS. Every request made by the phone will go through this OpenDNS server, in this way any inappropriate website will be blocked. It only works on root devices.

Change primary DNS with

Change alternate DNS with

Once you have changed the default Android DNS to OpenDNS you will be able to block all adult content including illegal sites.

3. Norton Family Parent Control

Norton Family Parent Control allows you to keep an eye on any device anytime, anywhere. The user interface is very simple, this application is easy to use. Norton Family Parent Control offers safety tools for the whole family to prevent your child from having a bad experience viewing adult content and cyberbullying.

This application also offers you a detailed report of your children's Internet activities directly to your inbox.

4. ShieldMyTeen

ShieldMyTeen is one of the best apps for controlling Android devices. The application offers Internet content filtering through which you can block all inappropriate and harmful content for your child.

The application allows you to block adult content through a blocking system based on keywords, categories, whitelist or blacklist.

5. Web Filter with App Control

Web Filter with App Control is a stable and powerful application with a built-in browser-based filter. This app will block all adult content on your smartphone. With this application you can check what your child visits while browsing.

6. Mobile Security & Antivirus

We have found a new parental control application for your Android smartphone that can be used as a parental control application. Not only that, you can also use this application as an antimalware and antivirus. First of all, I would like to explain to you how it is possible to block the site on Android using this beautiful application.

Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Mobile Security & Antivirus”, it has a red icon created by Trend Micro. Download and install it on your smartphone. Now go into the options and tap on the safe browsing option. The url blocking options are found there.

You will find options that will allow you safe browsing, parental control and history. Go to censorship. Tap setup, and create a new account with your login ID and password. After creating an account, you will find the blocked list option, from there you can enter all the URLs you want to block on your Android tablet or smartphone.

For testing purposes, I have added, so with this app I would like to block all URLs ending with on all browsers on my smartphone.

After blocking on my mobile, I tried to open from the Chrome browser on my Android. I noticed that this URL has been blocked.

You are able to block as many websites on your Android smartphone with this great application. Not only can you block adult sites on Android, but you can also prevent web browsing on unwanted sites or malicious URLs.

This app is available for free on the Google Play Store and we recommend using this app if you are looking for one of the best parental control apps.

You can not only block the specific site on your smartphone, but also use it as a virus scanner and privacy scanner.

It is possible to scan your device if you are looking for a possible risky application, which can undermine your phone's settings and privacy.

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